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  1. Re: NASA ISS Catches UFO On Camera For 22 Min

    Isn't it just an improved version of one of these:

    look at vid point 4:20

    The one/version you see in the vid is the one they have let us now about....
  2. Re: Trouble sleeping? Try this to fall asleep in 60 seconds...

    Deep slow unstressed breath in, out, in and out, relax, be comfortable.
    Find, observe and sink into your natural calm breath rate, be asleep ;)

    I find doing anything with numbers (counting) in my...
  3. Re: A Japanese math professor has a major new proof. But no-one can understand it

    Yes john, well said, BTW my 'brains just fell out' when I spent 3 years of day to day meditative life or was it the first (Many times) time I wen't over the handle bars of my motor bike and other...
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    Re: A Very Happy Birthday Bill Ryan!

    Great and very well said words Soda.
    From me, well just have a great time doing what you like to do Bill, anytime you wan't to :)
    When your 'Crackerjack's' finally wear out will you be hanging them...
  5. Re: Welcome to the 2020 Star Family Conference!

    Hi TelosianEmbrace.

    Looks like a great event :sun:
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    Re: News from Nassim Haramein

    Hi Justjane

    My concern with your attached image is the wording.
    It is not good calling anyone by a negative name, in this case "Sucker"

    We are all and or have been suckers for one reason or...
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    Re: My first, bona-fide "precog dream"

    synchronicity experiences: many, many, even simple little day wake ones like a few mins ago.
    I play virtual games (If cheep, or free) where you can build and design things in game, often survival...
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    Re: News from Nassim Haramein

    Thanks for this post onawah.
    I like Nassim Haramein, I like his thinking and findings, great out-look/in-look on the universe and it's/our energy.
    If I had money I would be buying one/some crystals...
  9. Re: What did you do today to prepare for COVID-19 ?

    I always say that when ever I hear anyone sneeze, all animals included
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    Re: The Real Problems With Psychiatry

    It's a very important field of medicine, after all it keeps thousands and thousands of people employed in well paid loops ha
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    Re: Happy Anniversary SDO!

    :happythumbsup: Birth Day :sun:
  12. Re: Testing inter dimensional technology/craft.

    Yes so much Earth, Animal, creature, elemental, natural phenomena has been forgotten and or hidden.
  13. Re: The Fourth Turning: when humanity loses faith in its institutions

    If you we had been shown the truth, real history, it would have happened 100 years ago if not more.
  14. Re: State of the Disunion Address by Dennis Leahy

    99.9999% of the citizens contained within the confines of the USA are just stock in a business called the "USA".
    Call your self a USA citizen and you pledge your life as a commodity.

    I see the...
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    Re: Inner Monologue and the Mind's Eye

    Just adding:
    Colours, images, sound, music even words can be translated and give you emotions.
    Emotions can be translated into: colours, images, sound, music even words.
    All are part of our...
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    Thanks for the reply's

    It has helped.
    I just get so filled with compassion for those going through life, I get so upset that I can't just stop every souls struggles and pain.
    But yes...
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    Re: Inner Monologue and the Mind's Eye

    WOW, great PO Rahkyt.

    Now at 60, I'm more a thinker in words as my minds first language.
    But I can easily hold and construct images, complex visuals while in actual conversation with some one....
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    Hello all.

    I am making this post because I need to talk, to vent emotions to someone.
    So dear Avalonions it's with you.

    I have been staying out of this post, not viewing.
    I'm a bit fragile at...
  19. Re: Why ARE USA children so ill? Is it planned? Is it too late to turn around?

    Hi John, you missed two:
    1] contaminated/ill/corrupt DNA passed on to them, because of all the pollution they/we have experienced.
    2] Exposure to contaminated/ill/corrupt brain waves emitted form...
  20. Re: The UK left the European Union on 31 Jan, 2020.

    I have mixed views about leaving the EU.
    One is I'm worried about issues on a personal level for me and my family, it's just the position we have in the system here.
    My main view based on my views...
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