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  1. Re: Where did "justone(man)" go? Well... maybe he is back!

    I had hit the thanks button and moved Justone to the 34th level, I am sure you know what that means (Justone) in light of our discussion of late.
    The 34th level you have achieved in the past few...
  2. Re: My feeling about the M.I.B. event (video)

    Daily motion version.

    M.I.B. conversation with friends. 10-7-14
  3. Re: Black listed due to breach of terms (Dailymotion)

    So I reach 100 views with this vid, is it because I did not though it in with the MIB thread? to which I still need to do.
    But I like it that is the highest view count of any vid on this subject I...
  4. Re: Black listed due to breach of terms (Dailymotion)

    woohoo they fixed it, If feel so much better now, thank guys for all your support.
  5. Black listed due to breach of terms (Dailymotion)

    So I tried to post one of my MIB vids to Dailymotion Saturday and today, the the vid was soon rejected 3 times on Saturday today I tried again under different title and not even 5 seconds after...
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    Area 51 Short Docu
  7. Re: What treatments work against arthritis? Personal experience?

    lighten up up the refined sugar that's help tremendously, i had it for a while then my mom said take out the sugar and it will go away, and it did.
    Of-course I don't know how far along your...
  8. Re: My feeling about the M.I.B. event (video)

    Can not upload on dailymotion it is having problems at this time, sorry folks

    M.I.B. conversation with friends.
  9. Re: THE HOT ZONE : A chilling 1995 book about Ebola

    Thank you Bill
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    Re: Huge Flash of light

    Not sure really? and this from the other day. I didnt hear any load booms either last night

    10-4-2014 Dallas Texas 8:03 p.m.
    Posted on October 4, 2014 at 9:05 PM
    Saw a big white light go...
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    Huge Flash of light

    10-8-2014 Dallas Texas 1:00 a.m.
    Posted on October 8, 2014 at 1:55 PM
    After chatting on skype for a couple I decided to go out side and ground myself I was in the back yard and looking at the...
  12. Re: Does wearing a Alumnium foil on your head stop telepathic entities thoughts coming in.

    Are they truly entities or is it Voice To Skull satellite driven tech?
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    A peek at the 4th dimension (Video)

    Thank you MU
  14. Kennedy Dealey Plaza Dallas Texas Today

    This is a Mini Documentary, Gorilla style,from a tourist point of view film.
  15. Re: My feeling about the M.I.B. event (video)

    MIB Letter is Missing
  16. Re: How To Recognize An Energy Vampire and What To Do About It

    Just curious, but Has Jocelyn Daher ever met a T.I. = Targeted Individual?
  17. Re: Musicians and poets - many here? Show yourselves ! :-)

    My Music

    Release Your Child's Inner Heart

    You Are That, You Are
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    Re: It look like a grey??

    Ya to bad I don't have better equipment lol.
    I did see a small face at the bottom half of the stone it was kewl

    Your stone is awesome bigtime
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    Re: It look like a grey??

    That's totally freakin kewl :dance3::alien:
  20. Re: The Georgia Guidestones have been updated w/ 2014

    This forum has many remote Viewers, maybe they should RV what is in the vault that is below it. :nod:

    The tablet also says a time capsule is placed six feet below it, though the dates of placement...
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