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    Confessions of an Economic Hitman

    Excellent interview of John Perkins, author and self-described former economic hitman. Provides great historical and current information on corporate/government...
  2. Re: Barbara Marciniak Full Audio Books Available

    I agree that the voice is good. As well, I liked it that we are cautioned to not take all this perspective hook line and sinker - to use our discernment. Yet it surely resonated for me! Glad...
  3. Barbara Marciniak Full Audio Books Available

    While these are not new channelings, I believe they are just now available on Youtube and, indeed, they are wonderful. Give yourself plenty of time and enjoy!

    Bringers of the Dawn -...
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    Re: The greatest man the world has ever seen.

    May peace and love for one another finally unite our world.
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    Re: The unraveling of a great Secret

    Perhaps our destiny is freedom from density!
  6. Re: The Futility of the Search for Meaning, or Why Everybody Loves Saturday Night

    most of us habitually go about the business of manufacturing and modifying meanings perpetually

    This is very well said. Isn't it delightful that as we move through our lives, moment by moment, we...
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    Re: Simulacro--Mexico Earthquake, Anybody?

    On his site, Dutchsinse indicates his belief that this earthquake was not of "natural causes".
  8. Re: Can we confirm the 20,000 resignation spike info?

    Thank you so much for researching this. It's kind of a relief to see the verification!
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    Alara on Militarized Remote Viewing

    Delightful interview with young woman describing her experiences with remote viewing, interaction with ET's etc.
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    Barefoot College

    This is a wonderfully positive video showing how basic skills can translate into wonderful learning/teaching/living opportunities.
  11. Re: 16,022 Ron Paul Votes Stolen by Voting Machines...Watch Diebold Maching in ACTION

    In last night's interview by Kerry Cassidy, the whistleblower reported that the past 20 years of elections have been controlled by satellites - particularly targeting voting machines.
  12. Re: Benjamin Fulford - The most entertaining disinformation around

    As well, RT America appears to give good "pointed" coverage but...I don't have any way to verify the facts either!
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    Re: Gregg Braden's unprecedented interview

    I look forward to being able to hold the positive image more of the time!
  14. Re: Henry Makow 'Exposed' now he's going after David Icke..!

    As well, Turi's predictions come to nothing.
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    Re: Perspectives on being a Singularity.

    It feels to me like you are "walking your talk" as evidenced by your continuing conversation. Thank you. I like it. What you describe as an approach to one another would be beautifully evolved...
  16. Re: David icke - mind control thought police.

    This is very powerful. I don't personally have knowingness about being mind controlled by the NWO, but for certain many many attempts are made to get us to think in particular ways - for consuming...
  17. Re: Timeline Creation Experiments: What News Headlines do you WANT to see?

    You're right on!!
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    Re: A Food Forest for All in Seattle

    I totally agree!
  19. Re: (New!) Project Camelot: Bill Wood : Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass

    Thank you so much for this fascinating sharing. It's worth at least listening to all the way to the end (my video got pretty strange). And it's also interesting that this information is so similar...
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    Re: FINANCIAL TYRANNY by David Wilcock

    The end of part 3 is quite readable as well.
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