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    Re: Making one's own musical instruments

    Good question Ryan

    I have always had a fascination for instruments, why are some recognized by whoever to be a "proper" instrument ?

    As child I loved André Franquin's comic books about Gaston....
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    Re: GOOGLE indoctrination in full swing

    From Wikip...

    "Don't be evil" was a motto used within Google's corporate code of conduct.

    Following Google's corporate restructuring under the conglomerate Alphabet Inc. in October 2015,...
  3. 4 Times the US Threatened to Stage an Attack and Blame it on Iran

    Hi All

    Many thanks to Corbettreport for putting this out !!!


    And you all remeber this ?
  4. Re: American Exceptionalism and new World Order: the Political side of Disclosure

    I supose De Longe isn't the sharpest knife in the kit of TTSA. Prolly thats why he´s almost never makes statements. Interesting to read them if they are true, thanks C0rv0
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    Re: The Great American Dairy Industry

    This is horrible! , looks like a trailer for a documentary ?
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    Re: Possible UFO capture & close encounter

    Night time shots are quite hard to do any analyzes on, like in this case I guess, but thanks for posting.
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    Re: Tom DeLonge Quotes

    I'm sure there are benevolent as well as malevolent beeings out there.
    Good and evil, dark and light, Its part of the whole yin yang fondation of everything.
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    Re: Synchronicity

    I seldom remember my dreams, but about a year ago I had a very strange dream (not lucid or scary).
    I was in a big spaceship with little gray type aliens, and in one sequence of my dream I was...
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    To be honest, I liked him back in the days with Project Camelot, intervews for hours with Pete Peterson, Camelot was still Ryan and Cassy.

    In my opinion something happened slowly over time that...
  10. Re: [HOAX] "Huge UFO spotted near Moon sparks invasion fear"

    Same vid, just mirror imaged. :)
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    Re: What food shortage?

    I only eat ravioly from a tin can, trustwordy ravioli, it feels my brain got smaller by saying that but Im not scared of Maia anymore, thank you Justplain
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    Re: What food shortage?

    Maia Gabrial you sound crazy. I havn't read all above It scared me. Can you clarify please ?
    Dracos right, tell us ?
  13. Re: Jim Lee, 20 years of research on Chemtrails, new interview

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated :thumbsup:
  14. Re: Simultaneous Sri Lankan Terrorist Attacks - Explosions Hit Churches & Hotels

    I find it hard to see any connection between christian churches being vandalised in France along with the fire in Notre Damme and these attacks rolling out now, except for tha fact it's Easter time...
  15. Richard C. Doty Interview - 31 March 2019

    Here is a quite recent interview with retired Air Force counter intelligence officer Richard C. Doty. From the UFo Megacon conferance.
    He seems more credible the older he gets in my opinion, still...
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    Re: Wikipedia and the Abuse of Truth

    Its sad to see brilliant scientists in any in the of academia that stand out & have a true sensation to tell the world. . I'm seeing the big foot from Monty Python's Flying cirus PRRFFF!...
  17. Re: Is the Moon an Intelligent Machine that Sees Everything?

    No the moon is not.
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    Re: American Airport Security: is it safe?

    Did he say " I have so like I wanted to ask a question about handing out " ...
    and not having any corectiiuvate as a small punishment even. wow congrats buddy !
    Maybe I dare to post...
  19. Re: Is it just me, or does the actor Eric Bana look like Corey Goode...?

    For a laugh, my first thought there is a similarity.
    Second look No
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    Re: The Future of Internet Forums

    Short answer to Mr Ryan Survey
    What's the current health and membership of other forums out there? - I dont know
    What will the future bring to us all? -I dont know
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