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    here's what happend on 911:
    sad to see how it was done. this also corroborates with what henry deacon / arthur...
  2. Re: 9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open // Twin Towers Fall A Planned Demolition: Richard Gage Interview

    it was Rumsfelt:
    watch the full video/report for all the details, sad to see what really happened.
  3. Re: HP Labs talks about "The Machine" - a new way to think about and design computing architecture

    The Dr. PP "chip" + an OS + photonics

    ... currently all already in use (for many years now) by the "money pits".

  4. Re: sudden abdication of Spanish King Juan Carlos

    if the Rothchilds, King Juan Carlos, the Prince of Naples, Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld and his wife Beatrix Wilhemina Armgard never existed, i wonder if the world would be a better place?
  5. Re: It's gonna happen - This will be Tesla's Century

    thx for posting this !
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    Re: QEG seems to be going DARK ( a DuD )

    QEG Morocco status update here

    Please read the section titled "Clearing up Confusion with the QEG", also withhold using the word "DuD", perhaps consider altering the thread title to be more...
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    Re: Graphene, the material of tomorrow

    interesting to know we've always held it (graphene) in our hands and have never been the wiser.

    ... pencil lead, the bits that leave the pencil and are left on the paper are millions of small...
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    Re: UFO detector...?

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    Re: Free range slaves - Stefan Molyneux

    bump .. bump .. :bump:
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    Poll: Re: Which MH370 Scenario Do you Subscribe to?

    you've been given the location (N13 30 E97 30) and scenario of MH370 :photo:
  11. Re: Karen Hudes Rebuttal: Homo Capensis Proof Provided

    oh deary deary me .. bang goes her credibility ... pitty !!

    ... the Nibiru bit was a close call, now I fear this may completely write-off her credibility, and undermine all the good work she's...
  12. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    download the pdf here
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    Re: The Saga of Dr. Pete Peterson

    posted in error
  14. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    to be honest it has nothing to do with Dames .. set up your target .. run the procedure ... and you get what you get .. be open & share the results .. so everyone can review your work. It is...
  15. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    Important to note Dames looked for the actual location of his target (pin pointing it on a map), this involves many sessions and hence takes time. The team working on TRN [3784/2884] are purely...
  16. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    this session relates to TRN [3784/2884] a different one to that used by Dames (he did his independently). So they may both be correct in their own right. Soon they will reveal what the 2x target's...
  17. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    imagine the following flight path: take-off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .. destined for Beijing, China ... Captain takes control .. starts heading for Mogadishu, Somalia .. flies over the Maldives...
  18. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    location of the plane (see yellow pin):

    What happened:

    Act of piracy on the part of the Captain. Captain's destination was...
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    Re: BBC Horizon -Nanotech future science

    even though Schon was said to fabricate all his data (ie. his claims were false) .. i am finding it very difficult to find a video / interview of this chaps to get a sense of the person ...
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    Re: Underwater Pyramid Discovered Near Portugal

    everyone reading this thread might want to review this

    ... in particular the location identified (off the coast of Portugal), it's link to other sites (Antarctic), and the events that happened and...
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