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  1. Re: Why CERN should STAY broken: Just another weapons mill.

    Thanks, Tesla.

    I've given this Cern thing some thought and applied intuition. What I get is that the most important element with Cern is: They are desperately trying to create a portal through...
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    Long ago I had a very creepy feeling about this person. I call her dragon-lady. Way, way worse than bill-boy the sex addict. As she gets closer to her imagined presidency, she just can't reign in...
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    Re: The Wayseer Manifesto

    RunningDeer, I loved this, this.... little Masterpiece of theater, truth telling, poetic outreach to all of us who have the courage to be original. I teared up over the price we pay and pay until it...
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    Re: Vindicated

    Tesseract, thank you for keeping the Ferguson issue in front of us. I read the first part of the report.....damning is the word for it. The report did say something I don't agree with however. ...
  5. Re: Do People Change after Getting Married...?

    apokalypse, thanks for your post. You've exhumed something valuable for the members. "You can never go back" is a one-liner that we've all heard. Well, you can go back to the physical place, but...
  6. Re: Smart meters damage DNA, truth about corruption coming out

    Great thread, and thank you halffull. These corrupt people in charge of public safety, like the man in the video near the end who talked directly to the commissioner about how he should be...
  7. Re: Elves, Ghosts, Sea Monsters & ETs In Iceland - Investigation Into The Invisible World

    Thanks Rohannson, there's a lot of good info there. These beings are real and live in the lower dimensions. (second dimension, and I don't mean as lessor beings than us) They are quite involved with...
  8. Re: U.S. Supreme Court Rules 8-1 that Citizens Have No Protection Against Fourth Amendment Violations by Police Officers Ignorant of the Law

    Thanks Jerry for the post, I didn't know about this one. They failed in Furgeson to ignite their much needed race war across the U.S.ofA. so this is the latest provocation. And this from the...
  9. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    Haven't posted in a long while but have kept up with the forum in general. So, dipping a toe in here.

    What a timely post. So much to say but to be brief and perhaps to add other elements later: ...
  10. Re: Official Trailer THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take - Out on Nov.11

    Yep, we saw it in a private home-screening last night. Very well done and a great way to introduce this info. (Avalonians are probably aware of a lot of the content) to those who are interested in...
  11. Re: 10 Signs That The American People Are 'Angrier' Than Ever..!


    You've a perspective of wonderful breadth and depth! I love the realistic and balanced way you express.

    All these manipulations will be revealed in the very near's...
  12. Re: 10 Signs That The American People Are 'Angrier' Than Ever..!

    OOPS, I just read your last post. Now it's a case of posts passing in the night! I DO appreciate your contributions and hope you'll join me in mutual forgiveness for not initiating a Vulcan mind...
  13. Re: 10 Signs That The American People Are 'Angrier' Than Ever..!

    Jack, perhaps a case of ships passing in the night. The point is that each ship( that's you and me) has an intended destination and that now that you've stated that your destination was to forewarn,...
  14. Re: 10 Signs That The American People Are 'Angrier' Than Ever..!

    And so what's the point here? Roll over and play dead, or grab yer guns, or trust no one 'cause there's just random violence out there and the government is too broke to respond and it's our fault...
  15. Re: Occupy Wall St. Kitchen Reportedly Set to Cut Back Meals Because of Freeloaders


    You always "get it" at the most basic level.

    He hoists his drink and says, "Here's to you babe!"

    Regards, Craig
  16. Re: The Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now Marching Straight Off the Globalist Cliff

    You got it Bubba!

    Regards, Craig
  17. Re: Occupy Movement moving into globalist trap

    Very cogent Buck, I'm impressed with your insight. With some of the posts on this thread, I'm wondering why we all just don't just give up, roll over, and take our beating like good little cogs in...
  18. Re: The Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now Marching Straight Off the Globalist Cliff

    He says that Craig, because we have adopted each other as brother and sister and he has to say nice things about me now. ;)[/QUOTE]

    Maybe so, but I always tell the truth. :cool:[/QUOTE]
  19. Re: The Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now Marching Straight Off the Globalist Cliff

    Hello to GCS1103 over there from Craig over here!

    Thank you for your fine and educational post. I'm soooo appreciative of the excursions into NYC you spoke of, laying leather to ground, so to...
  20. Re: Fibers falling from the sky (chem webs?)

    After months of near clear skys, there has been heavy chem-trails around Santa Rosa, Calif. Driving home from work the other day into the setting sun, the trails were heavy and very obvious. Also...
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