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  1. Re: The Boston Bombing was an elaborately staged theatrical event.

    Bombs did explode that day. I have a good friend who was one of the injured. i visited him and saw first hand the damage from the bomb and shrapnel. The event itself may have been staged, but real...
  2. Re: ACTION PLAN NEUTRALIZE-Super Bowl Satanic Ritual Sinister Intent

    Um, I didn't see much Satanic Ritual (unless you count dancing sharks and beach balls...) Maybe I missed it? Oh, there was a giant puppet lion. Perhaps it was subliminal, but seriously, Katy Perry...
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    Re: What are your favourite sayings?

    It is better to ask forgiveness than permission.
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    Re: THE HOT ZONE : A chilling 1995 book about Ebola

    [QUOTE=Carmody;886711]From my understanding..the 'deal' or OOO, 'Order Of Operations' in this extant systems was and energy or over unity devices ..whatever the case may be..if it...
  5. Re: Educate Yourself: Russel Brand's 'Perfect Example' of How-To-Cut-Through the 'Political Spin'..!

    Thanks for this. I think Brand is effing hilarious and dead on. His humor is wicked smart.
  6. Thread: Isis

    by ahamkara

    Re: ISIS parade is telling...

    This from Jim Kunstler's blog:
    "...Which is that in the worst case that ISIS succeeds in establishing a sprawling caliphate, they will never be able to govern it successfully, only preside over an...
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    Re: How to break Archon programming

    Thank you linksplatinum for the reminder to work to unplug - especially from social media. The presence of an "Archonic" influence makes absolute sense, the first time I read of it there was a...
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    Re: This world is insane

    I do not think the world is insane. It appears to me that each experiences a reality in line with their beliefs, in a self re-enforcing loop. Most people are controlled in what and how they think so...
  9. Re: 'V', the Guerrilla Economist, posts the most important information he's ever shared (4* General reveals 'The Plan')

    Thanks, Bill, for the link. Certainly as of today (Friday, July 18th) the pot is being stirred! As usual, each person needs to read and look with their own individual discernment upon events. No...
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    Re: GMO And Related Stuff

    The control of food is one of the critical pillars of a controlled, global fascist society. Being healthy and clear is already a challenge - food, water, fluoride, chemtrails and electronic pollution...
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    Re: GMO And Related Stuff

    Thanks for the info on this thread. The GMO infiltration into the American diet is proceeding at an alarming rate. When communities try to put initiatives in place to label GMO foods, millions of...
  12. Re: Why the Law of Attraction fails to be Universal

    In all fairness, I don't think the Universe is concerned with human labels of positive and negative. We do live in a vibrational universe, but desiring something and existing at a vibrational level...
  13. Re: Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

    Beginning to watch video, so forgive me if this is answered… but who benefits from a poisoned, dead world? Is the goal manipulation of the purely physical world? I do not see a framework where it all...
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    Re: Electronic Heroin

    Have cut all digital media with the exception of the computer (which I limit :)
    No TV or radio (paper subscription to newspaper)
    Keep phone on silent and check messages/voice mail 2x per day....
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    Re: Electronic Heroin

    Fascinating vid. Does anyone else get the distinct impression the kid is hosting another entity? Certainly my guess would be an entity feeding off the child's emotion as he plays the game…. just a...
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    Re: Not looking good at Fukushima

    Thank you for this information. Certainly it is information to know. I wonder if the many underground bases established by the military, as well as the Norwegian Seed Vault, will be utilized in the...
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    Re: Strange Spritual Energy

    Thank you everyone for posting. Quite disturbing, unsettling energy. Sad and dark, even for many of us who have a spiritual practice! Also,I had an almost humorous bout with my electronic car...
  18. Re: Avalon is being monitored by 4 different groups.

    It is important to remember that we ARE being monitored, all of us, all the time. For most emails, texts,internet postings, social media, phone calls etc., it would be logical to assume a...
  19. Re: The Shift - From Ambition to Meaning - Dr. Wayne Dyer

    Thanks for posting. I have met Dr. Dyer - he seems sincere and does not seem to possess the "rock star" ego one sometimes finds in public figures. Although he has experienced a great deal of...
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    Re: Obesity and food preservatives

    Good advice and solid recommendations. Whole, healthy food is critical to maintaining one's physical and mental strength and clarity. It is, however, extraordinarily difficult in work, travel and...
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