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  1. Re: William Buhlman on OBEs at Monroe Institute Professional Seminar 2014

    Was wondering about something Buhlman discussed about the idea that you should be able to be conscious at the time of your death so you can direct yourself to your higher self now, allowing you to...
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    Re: Something on the moon ?

    I love these "whistleblowers" who won't use their real name or voice, supposedly for their own protection, but then go on to explain in detail where they worked, when they worked and under what...
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    Re: Nanci Danison's NDE (very detailed)

    This is starting to sound like traditional religious dogma. You either merge with the source or are dissolved into constituent parts. Wouldn't turning into a lump of coal or whatever be considered...
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    Re: Nanci Danison's NDE (very detailed)

    Hmm, I have a problem with this soul-less idea. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form. All living material has energy - plants, animals. This energy continues when a living entity...
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    Re: Nanci Danison's NDE (very detailed)

    Thanks Another Bob. So, wow, there are humans wandering around with no soul. If there are soul-less humans on earth, can they be inhabited at any time by the source? How do we differentiate...
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    Re: Nanci Danison's NDE (very detailed)

    Interesting material and much in line with my personal belief system. However, may I ask a couple questions of those who are more familiar with Nanci's material?

    1) She states unequivocally that...
  7. Re: "Where Did The Towers Go?" - Dr Judy Wood in the UK....Sky 200 TV with Theo Chalm

    Minutes ago, I was reading a document written by Wade Frazier, found here, which discusses the problem of trolls at another popular alternative forum.
  8. Re: Avalonians: Perfectly "normal" paranoia or something else?

    I've noticed that quite a few members have moved to another forum and I'm not sure I understand why. This other forum frequently posts references to materials from Avalon and Camelot.

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    Re: The Inelia thread

    We bought my mother-in-law an aramaic translation of the bible 'cause she's into that kind of thing, and that passage translates as "it is easier for a rope to pass through the eye of a...
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    Re: Submarine "Lawn Darts"

    Wherever it is placed, it should be put in a position that would be impossible for any human to have accomplished. Either hovering off the ground or balanced off center, touching the ground.
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    Re: Message From Sa~Ni~Ti

    Unfortunately, many people will read the thread title, skip on past it, and miss your brilliant message. I almost skipped it myself.
  12. Re: credulous fake spirituality and blank denial

    Not to be negative here, but I keep reading that these light beings will not allow a nuclear war. Well, Fukishima is sending the equivalent in radioactive fallout all around the world. It may well...
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    Re: EMP Warnings - Britain

    Is there any way we could get M&M's instead of Milk Duds? They melt in your mouth, not in your hand...just in case there is heat associated with the process. :)
  14. Sticky: Re: A Coverup -California Northwest USA BC Canada under radiation threat as high as J

    From what I understand about this feud between Rense and is about Makow's support of Jim Stone's theory on sabotage at Fukishima. I don't understand Rense's sudden and complete...
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    Possible sabatoge at Fukishima

    I stumbled across this information a few days ago, and spent time actually reading all the material and corresponding documentation. Jim Stone presents evidence that the Fukishima nuclear reactor...
  16. Re: Navy Seal Warns False Flag is Coming: Ed Asner Reports

    Calz, my confusion was in no way directed at people posting in this forum. I was trying to decipher Jackovesk's pig latin and comment that I am confused by all the stories out there. How did you...
  17. Re: Navy Seal Warns False Flag is Coming: Ed Asner Reports

    not one of you has any din? of clue whatsoever, bloody disgraceful. Yeah, I am so confused now I don't know where to turn. The more I read, the more confused I get. My problem is I don't know who...
  18. Re: REPORT: 11/9/11 EAS (Emergency Alert System) USA test

    Lol, the test didn't work in New Mexico. Guess they need to practice some more.
  19. Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air


    I love this segment because it points out that bickering between republicans and democrats is a complete waste of time and energy and will not fix the problems in the U.S. I love the...
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    Re: Why I Joined The Forum and...

    Hi King Anthony,

    Since I am not familiar with your work yet, I cannot specifically address your facts and truths. I have grown up in a world where "facts and truths" have been taught to me my...
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