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    Re: What I see coming for the next few years.

    Interesting thread, Paul.

    I am asking myself these questions and think up the answers too. How silly is that! :o

    Is this a fluke in US foreign policy? Hmm, more like according to plan.
  2. Re: Courtney Brown Announcement for February (now March) 2014

    True! How about they want to amplify "certain" "superposition". Why else the hints? We are the energy they need to feed it.

    They've other means to do that and have been doing it for a long...
  3. Re: Courtney Brown Announcement for February (now March) 2014

    I have the feeling that they are phishing to deliver what we all tend to believe or want to hear.
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    Re: Wikileaks - The Trans-Pacific Partnership

    I do think that Chinese are as imperialists as Americans, if not more, and can be really ruthless. However, I am not sure that they do not care about earth. They have to manage over 1 billion poor...
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    Re: What do you recommend against hair loss?

    For real?

    This is what I've heard. If you are bald in front, you are a thinker. If you are bald on top, you are a lover. If you are bald both front and top, well then, you must be thinking...
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    Re: Wikileaks - The Trans-Pacific Partnership

    1989 - Tiannanmen square massacre.
    1991 - China was invited into WTO with the hope she will let her people gain more freedom.
    2011 - 20 years into WTO, China could not contain her rampant...
  7. Re: 10,000+ deaths Haiyan superstorm traced back to Microwave pulse.

    "The team will prepare the ground for the possible arrival of a larger contingency of emergency responders"

    Ya you're correct this is same Technique they use in Indonesia ( quake). Military...
  8. Re: Super Typhoon was Man-Made/Engineered

    I know the Philippines pissed off China.
  9. Re: Please give us your kind advice: The Real Battle Between Civilization and Barbarism in China

    Once the villagers are bought, you no longer have protections. Furthermore, any form of religion not run by the government IS an enemy of the CPC. Look at Falun Gong. My thought, keep a very, very...
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    Re: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers

    "Above him were the serene faces of Jesus, Confucius and Buddha, while a giant all-seeing eye stared down at the few hundred worshipers." Look up Caodaism for more of this view.

    More here...
  11. Re: Chinese editorial calls for a de-Americanized world

    The NWO is coming and the big boys - BRICs - sure don't like it. China, especially has been compensated so much, pretends (and it is so blatantly obvious) to go along, and yet thinks she will pull...
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    Re: Exceptional psychic abilities in exceptional people

    This is not really exceptional to most but kinda interesting for me. And this is my ego-self talking if it feels like I have some influence to the events.

    We moved to a new place. The lawn was...
  13. Re: Founder of Scotland's Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery, killed in China

    "Chengdu police issued a statement saying the trio were killed in a residential area in a dispute over money.
    Three people, said to be Tibetan, were arrested in connection with the killings.
  14. Re: I think I just woke up in another timeline/reality I am in?

    What a fascinating story

    The word is "khắn khít" meaning closed together,

    especially when you consider the word, which is not broken apart, it is closed together, perhaps the timelines are...
  15. Re: I think I just woke up in another timeline/reality I am in?

    This is my little time-track switch experience if it is what I think it is.

    I used to teach Vietnamese to the children at a temple. I wrote my own materials, in which there is a spelling of a...
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    Re: Team GMO - Heal the seeds!

    I suppose thought can be infiltrated and intention can be bent. Pretty sure there will be counter-intention to re-enforce the existing structure. How about turning the hitch-hiking thought to work...
  17. Sticky: Re: HOW TO HEAL THE WORLD: (A roadmap you may have been waiting for...)

    This is how I understand it. It is anger and not fear that feeds into what we call natural disasters. If we wish to have any form of disclosure which will almost certainly cause the masses to turn...
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    Re: bad thoughts in my head...............

    It is a test, bud. You're a among a few that takes the midterm early. Be ready when we hit the final.

    I took my midterm only a couple months ago.
  19. Re: A credible insider whistleblower, and some extremely important information -- if true

    Thank you for the compliment! But I'm not intentionally 'spreading fear'.

    As I wrote in another post, this is nothing to do with fear-mongering, or doomsaying, or negativity of any kind. If I'm...
  20. Re: A credible insider whistleblower, and some extremely important information -- if true

    Raf, Hi!

    I know what you mean. But there's another interpretation as well: that maybe there's no smoke without fire.

    The underground bases are real. Why are they there?

    Why did Henry Deacon...
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