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  1. Re: Quarantine resistance nurse is an intel agent

    glad you picked this up , I saw the same intel from Daboo's youtube channel
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    Re: Putin to Western Elites: PLAY-TIME IS OVER

    Wasnt it in billys notes that russia will rush over denmark to conquer scandinavia in a very short time?[/QUOTE]

    Russia will attack Scandinavia and Canada and the U.S. their attacks against...
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    Re: Putin to Western Elites: PLAY-TIME IS OVER

    9,000 years ago Enoch predicted this time with Russia , they would attack Canada , Scandinavia , and the U.S. and China would partner with Russia to take down America ... America will have to defend...
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    Re: Collapse of Social Welfare State

    it has been collapsed for a long time , they borrow money to pay the bills , just a few short years ago America got a loan from China to the tune of 5 trillion dollars ...
  5. Re: What is the Difference Between the Soul and Spirit?

    The soul is temporary , the spirit is eternal and never dies or sleeps in the deepest sleep ...
  6. Re: Boyd Bushman - His Last Interview | A Documentary on Area 51 and UFOs over Tucson, Arizona

    this interview validates so many things Edward Meier wrote years ago ... there are seven forces of nature , two yet to be discovered , neutrinos , dark energy , and thought being faster that light...
  7. Re: Boyd Bushman - His Last Interview | A Documentary on Area 51 and UFOs over Tucson, Arizona

    According to the plejaren , Human beings from Zeta-Reticulum built androids (little grays) and sent them to explore and they did crash on earth ......
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    Re: What's goin on America?

    all the people who tried to warn us have been killed , JFK , Bill Cooper , Martin Luther King , John Lennon , the list goes on , many hidden messages they gave trying to slowly wake us up ... it...
  9. Re: Meteor Strikes Mars.....What Does It Mean?

    I remember what happens when a comet strikes the atmosphere of a planet , hence the Russian comet that blew out windows ... if this one was bigger and going faster , it would be easy for it to cause...
  10. Re: How many TRILLIONS did the Pentagon "lose"? - Questions For Corbett

    2.3 trillion on sept 10 2001 ...
  11. Wanna See a Cool Gallery of UFO's Taken Before Photo Shop and Computers ???

    All taken by a one armed swiss farmer starting in 1964 , and still having ongoing face to face contact for over 70 years now ...
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    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    [/COLOR]goes against what ET's say , they say the human form is the most common in the universe , although there are life forms that are human like that have wings and can fly ,...
  13. Re: UFOs Cross Sun during partial Solar Eclipse, Oct. 23, 2014

    EMV's ... they are always around our sun ...
  14. Re: T.V. is a powerful tool ! S T O P watching the news for a week ... Tell me how you feel now and after ...

    But what about radio news? It has no images (except for the ones it invokes in your mind), so that's a plus. However, it still is a spoken version of TV, and internet. Can we cut all news from all...
  15. Re: Impossible "Neutron Star" Shatters Theory

    A neutron star is the remnants of a collapsed sun , a thimble full of matter from such a sun can weigh over a billion tons ... there is other objects in the universe that weigh much more , and they...
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    Re: The Abyss..1989..

    maybe the point is , it's up to the individual to interpret what the movie means to you ... There is more ocean than anything else , we have yet to discover what lie beneath us ... great movie , a...
  17. Re: chunkymark, the artist taxi driver thread

    He may use harsh language but, he says what everyone else thinks but won't say ...
  18. Re: China launches World Bank rival in Asia

    throws a wrench in the controllers plans to enslave the world ...They don't like competition , it will be interesting to see what happens over the next week or so ...
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    Re: What was the Norway Spiral mean

    Smart as Earth humans are , we still really can't nail down what the ancient ET's that came here have said ... they left lots of clues , everywhere in stone , in trees , in landscape , in nature in...
  20. Re: How Black Magic Is Controlling Humanity & What To Do About It

    it is said , like waves on the ocean , the thoughts of Earth humans go out into the cosmos , far far away , other life forms can feel and sometimes see these waves ... they can read us without even...
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