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  1. Re: Mysterious metal monolith found in the Utah desert

    Okay, I estimated that. Assuming it's 4 meters high (including the part that's buried) and 70 cm to a side, the volume would be about 1 cubic meter. So here's how heavy it might be:

    Steel: 8000...
  2. Re: Mysterious metal monolith found in the Utah desert

    Interesting ?

    Yup if not old them probably an artists art piece!

    I wonder how far into the ground it goes and what the geo position is?

    Looking at it's base where it touches the earth, it is...
  3. Re: Barack Obama Calls For More Media/Big Tech Censorship

    These people do not see or hear the world like we do.
    They are in there own worlds and are actually cut off from the full world of information "Reality"

    They them selves are so conditioned that...
  4. Re: They have approved a plan to build a tunnel UNDER Stonehenge!!


    We all know by now that those in political power (which ever political side, they one and the same) are just puppets, the real powers are hidden behind them.
    the real powers defiantly...
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    Re: The Big Letdown

    Well said. I've followed Q lightly too, and am well aware of the belief of Joseph Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts (two people whom I hold in high regard) that it is a psyop designed to distract...
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    Re: A strange flash in the sky

    many years ago now I witnessed a very fast shaft of light dive straight down and gone.
    I was walking up a gradual incline of a large motorway bridge when I saw this.
    It looked like an object moving...
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    I hear you Patient.
    And if any of you do witness something, hopefully it's a decent image/vid and not just distant lights.
    Common now where are the close ups?
  8. Re: Exposure: The Electromagnetic Human Test

    How many here actually believed this was a real pandemic?[/QUOTE]

    Well ME for one.

    I know this subject is to do with health, and the position as stated by: Government/s, the WHO, and enforced...
  9. Re: Praveen Mohan, ancient builder race with ancient technologies.

    The images, information and insights he shows in his vid's are truly amazing,
    He is one of the best at bringing us the ancient technologies of his part of the world, India and the surrounding...
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    Re: Why hasn't more been done?

    H AriG

    Well there are those in power and control that are tying make a perfect control world for them selves: to do so is to try and make Hell for the rest of us.
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    Re: Why hasn't more been done?

    It all boils down to the fact that we have had our BALLS cut off, we are gaged and separated from the so-called real world,
    the world of established teachings and "news", the mainstream media.
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    Re: Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Covid-19 Whistleblower

    Just one typo there Bill:
  13. Re: My Experiences with UFOs and possible ET/ED types

    Hello Tommy Roxx and thankyou foe a very interesting first post :)

    Ill be waiting to hear about your :sun:
  14. Re: Physicists build Circuit that Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene!

    this thing makes micro-volts... If it could somehow scale (I see no indication currently) it maybe useful... as it is it's so low power it's not currently good for anything impact-full.[/QUOTE]

  15. Re: Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze [Ott Remix]

    Thank you for the background info and vid Ben Macdonald:sun:
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    Re: SCU Issues a Press Release

    Hi Patient
    What about the more probable: fake alien invasion orchestrated by the BAD guys to freak out and scare the GOOD guys (the head in the ground non thinking, general public) ?
    That will...
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    Dave Brubeck - Golden Brown

    I had never heard the Jazz version 'Golden Brown' and...
  18. Re: Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze [Ott Remix]

    Thx Ayt, I haven't herd the voice of Mr Terence Mckenna (the great psychonaut) in a long time.
    Great sound and music track as well :sun:
  19. Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze [Ott Remix]

    Lighten you heart.
    Amazing, beutiful, the human consciousness and being.

    Well here in Avalon you have :sun:
  20. Re: Predictions & Prophecies you've personally received - How did they pan out???

    I am so glad I made it, but what happened to the 399,999,999,999,999 I left behind? :noidea:[/QUOTE]

    Their in the next path over :)
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