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  1. Re: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

    I have osteo arthritis.... and my joints often blow out with inflammation.
    I use boron...or borax and it is the only thing that accumulatively works
  2. Re: Teleportation using Quantum Entanglement

    I feel we already have jump gates
  3. Re: Haka For Jonah Lomu: A Fierce And Moving Funeral Tribute To A Great Man

    Thanks for this post... Iím a kiwi and did not know he had passed.
    Kia kaha Jonah you were a true warrior
  4. Re: I shouldn't actually be alive now... :)

    Fell head first off a three storey flying fox. Shouldíve been killed....
    Ended up with massive head trauma, 2 broken arms, broken jaw, ripped off bottom
    Lip ( put my teeth through it)
    Also nearly...
  5. Re: Peaceful contact to the Star People family....

    If you look at the entirety of the phenomena (abduction/contact)experience.
    There is a definitive intelligent agenda.
    Many have horrific experiences and many do not.
    But my take on it is that both...
  6. Re: Do you think it's reptilian aliens at the top of human sex trafficking...?

    I do believe that sex trafficking is soon to outdo guns and drugs as the largest and most profitable
    Industry world wide.... why? because sex slaves are re-usable commodities not like a gun or gram...
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    Re: Joe Rogan Exposed?

    Isnít he a buddy of George Soros.... enough said.
    Also why does joe always dodge the real questions like
    Whoís involved in child trafficking and pedo rings?
  8. Re: A theory of kidneys, high blood pressure and toxins (Bonus: how I'm treating an infected tooth)

    Hey Paul... synchronistically I was talking about my high blood pressure... and seen this while last test by my doc was 140/100
    It has been as high as 170/100
    Iím fit, workout hard...
  9. Re: What's in store for 2019? Serious forecasts and predictions, please.

    Happy new Year Bill.... all the best sir
  10. Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

    Since I was a teenager I always knew females to be sacred.
    I had that innate knowing that those who bear creation for our
    Species is to be honoured and protected.
    Not surprising that at spiritual...
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    Re: David Icke in Holland

    He is guarded by the highest order ...for the work he does should have been shut down many times...
  12. Re: Our great friend Bob Dean has passed: 11 October, 2018

    Big loves Mr Dean.
    You were an inspiring and amazing being.
    May you travel well and I hope you have a jack daniels
    with those higher beings that you said have this game under control.
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    Re: Our Need for Heroes

    Staying balanced and non objective in an ignorant narcissistic selfish reality is heroic
  14. Re: 14 wolves released into a park and how it changed everything

    Wow ...gave me shivers. I love the beauty of how nature redirects itself as it should be
  15. Re: Young blood could keep older people healthy

    Why do you think all the elites live
    Long lives..... blood sacrifices of our young no doubt
  16. Re: Addicted to Selfies? According to Studies, You Could Be A Psychopath

    800 men is a pretty small cross section to make these statements
  17. Re: Unfair Dinkum: it's not cricket... or, how Australia is in shock about a fallen hero

    It aint a crime if you dont get caught......ahhh silly billy aussie so blatantly got caught.
  18. Re: Britain's 'worst ever' biggest ever child abuse scandal

    Sadly many sick humans are in all facets of government agencies (police, child protection, social welfare, etc...)
    They are their to prey on children and keep ahead of those targeting pedos.
  19. Re: BIGFOOT BODY RECOVERED Parts 1, 2 & 3 - Mountain Beast Mysteries

    Any one know how to spell the quoted name of the sasquatch saberday talerday ??
    saberdi teledi??
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    Re: Transgender issues

    With the blur being created between sexes.... we truly are living in a time where soon anything goes..
    It has been openly talked about by many that allowing all sexual orientations leads us from...
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