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    Re: A Graceful Death

    I have every intention of ending my own life if I choose to. I would only choose to do that if I develop a diseased state that I don't want to experience to the end and feel their is no way to...
  2. Re: "...Climate Change..." (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?

    The climate change/CO2 concept is really just picking out one isolated aspect and the expectation that this will fix things is kind of crazy. It's like having a car with engine troubles, a bad...
  3. Re: What just happened to Max Igan? (Jan 2020)

    What he is saying in his latest video is a bit confusing as well. First of all he says he was targeted. Later in the video he talks about how the interfacing of this world and wifi are working and...
  4. Re: Meet the Boy Who Proved Doctors Wrong by Learning to Talk

    What an uplifting story. The absolute worse thing a doctor or medical person can do set limits on patient outcomes. The damage that can be done is immense. Most people that are told that their family...
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    Re: The Messiah Complex

    I think I misunderstood the exact meaning of what we are talking about here. It seems we are talking about only those that sincerely believe that they are chosen to be a messiah? I guess that leaves...
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    Re: The Messiah Complex

    There are really so many points of origin where someone could decide they are self anointed messiah on earth. I think you hit on a really good point here Agape. In a metaphysical sense and while on a...
  7. Re: What just happened to Max Igan? (Jan 2020)

    No kidding.

    From this "Official Flat Earth & Globe Discussion" Facebook Group... (it's really quite an eye-opener to read some people think, believe and say)

  8. Re: The "Big One": The Cascadia Earthquake that has to come

    Imagine getting in one of those orbs and after surviving being buried alive under tons of rubble and uprooted trees. I'm not sure what would be worse, being killed drowning or being buried alive in a...
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    The Messiah Complex

    Moderator note from Bill:

    This started off with members' comments about Max Igan's latest video, posted here, in which he revealed himself to be a Flat Earther, and somehow a 'chosen' one.

  10. Re: What just happened to Max Igan? (Jan 2020)

    I watched the Max Igan video and he is pretty manic. Can anyone that has watched this determine if he believes he is the "one" that he was talking about? It doesn't seem like he is drug influenced. I...
  11. Re: I'm talking Trump and a whole host of issues in vid

    The one thing I would disagree with is that he really does need the fame. The man has very strong narcissistic tendencies and he really does have an almost primal need for being the center of...
  12. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "the Shots", it is about totalitarian tiptoe

    I have been thinking about the recent harassment I received at the doctor's office regarding vaccine use. I wasn't there for anything that had to do with vaccines, I did not ask about vaccines. I...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    Quite awhile ago I watched a video of Weinstein interviewing a woman for a job. It was repulsive watching him use his position and her desire for a big break to become sexually bizarre with her. I am...
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    Here’s the thing, spiritually (and practically) WE ARE ALL culpable. We can blame big business and mining, our governments and the corporatocracy all we want, but ultimately we are all...
  15. Re: The world's first 'living robots' unveiled - and they can self-heal

    I suspect we would see something similar to DDT or glyphosate that ends up everywhere, likewise, these nanos would permeate literally everything. The potential nightmares of this are really never...
  16. Thread: Please T

    by peterpam

    Re: Please T

    Kari, what kind of surgery are you having and why do they need to do a colostomy? Please answer only if you feel comfortable do so. I am sad that you continue to have these extremely challenging...
  17. Re: Excalibur: the Mythical Sword of Scientology

    Most likely because they have narcissistic tendencies and either fabricate or dramatize any revelations that they have for the purpose of manipulating others and glorifying themselves. I believe we...
  18. Thread: Amazing Songs

    by peterpam

    Re: Amazing Songs

    Whisper, I don't know where you find all of this wonderful music, but thanks for opening up my music world. I had a really beautiful time listening to your last three suggestions.
  19. Re: The "Big One": The Cascadia Earthquake that has to come

    It's interesting you should mention the dreams and visions of tsunami's. When I first moved into this house I went up to a small deck upstairs where I can see the water. I actually had the strong...
  20. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    The whole "we won't leave without being compensated" is ridiculous. The US government throws billions of dollars around as "aid" (control), not to mention the 23 Trillion allegedly missing. The value...
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