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  1. Re: Norway Shooter Claims He is Part of Templar Crusade

    Thank you,JoshERTW. Do you or anyone else have the idea this guy was "beefed up" by ominous others per OK. City, 911 planes/controlled demolition, Columbine massacre, VA Tech,etc? How could one...
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    Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Thank you both for such vivid and varied totalities expressed in heart,words and photos. I am personally deeply affected and I say 'thank you' once again. perljen
  3. Re: Rage Against The TSA: Protesters Storm Texas Capitol..!

    Thank you, Jakovez. Since you follow Alex Jones/InfoWars,etc, I'd like to ask your opinion...Do you think he's the 'real deal' or a disinfo master? I have come across a few things that seem...
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