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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    While I know there is a Secret Space Program (X-38 proves it), I do not believe Corey myself, although I wish him no ill will. He may be like Billy Meier and Stan Romanek, who I believe had real...
  2. Re: My review of Steven Greer's 'Unacknowledged'

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    Re: Gratitude for attacks

    Sounds like you've either been spending too much (or too little) time at the pub, mate. Too much if you're being paranoid due to an alcohol/Zoloft reaction, and too little if you've become paranoid...
  4. Re: Photograph of strange star anomaly in Ecuador, February 2015

    Interesting idea - I agree we live in an Electric Universe, but in this particular case, I think the explanation is much simpler; just optical diffraction, perhaps off of lens debris. It also could...
  5. Re: LIVE cam 4-21-14 - Fleets of UFOs captured crossing the Moon

    [Sorry, Everyone, I had an expert in photography & special effects review this, and it is exactly a flock of birds for the 'swarm', and a bat for the single image. You can see the wings on the bat...
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