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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Noticed something odd this morning, a few days back i took the total death figures and the total covid death figures from weeks 1 to 40 from the ONS UK to put onto a sheet of paper to see what this...
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    Re: Crimes Against Humanity

    The UK government, with the Minister of Health in Northern Ireland, is seeking views on proposed changes to the Human Medicine Regulations 2012.

    The consultation covers:

    authorising temporary...
  3. Re: Trump Discussing his Covid Treatment and his Plan to have it Available ASAP for Free...!

    his treatment was with:

    vit d
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    UK pandemic ended in May!

    These are the total UK death figures for the last three years:
    2018 541,589
    2019 530,841
    2020 453,848 up to sept 25th.
    Seriously, where is the pandemic???
    normally between 9 and 11 thousand...
  5. Re: Trump Discussing his Covid Treatment and his Plan to have it Available ASAP for Free...!

    looks like the world just turned a corner, the usual suspects will no doubt be furious!
  6. Re: What is the most reliable EMF detector that i can buy online?

    ive bought a mustool MT525 electromagnetic radiation tester, it displays electric field as well.
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    5G frequency question

    Hi everyone,

    I'm puzzled, can someone tell me why 5G is being flogged from 1GHZ to 6GHZ then 24GHZ and beyond.

    My question is what lies from 7GHZ to 23GHZ?

    Please incorporate this question...
  8. Re: Have David Wilcock and his wife Elizabeth started a new business?

    i have a bridge i'm selling if you're interested...
  9. Re: Government Insider reveals information (the known reality of different dimensions, alien presence)

    Having discovered dozen's of photos of living breathing Martians myself including cities that the MGS satellite took i think this guy is alittle behind on his info. Most of the major Martian cities...
  10. Re: What do you think of's forecast for the future US population?

    just come across this, how true will this be to current scamdemic?
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    Re: Conspiracy is Not a Theory

    all brilliant posts on this thread, thank you all.
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia
  13. Has Australia been chosen as the test country for the NWO?
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    Re: Has microbial life been found on Venus?

    a distraction perhaps?
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    Re: Vaccination questions

    demand for mandatory Dr. Michael Lederman, Maxwell J. Mehlman author and Dr. Stuart Youngner proffesor ...
  16. Re: Covid 19, possible alternatives to the upcoming vaccines.

    Please read and the other posts down the line after that one from Dr. Mayer.[/QUOTE]

    i did read the other replies, the one i picked was the only doctor.
  17. Re: Covid 19, possible alternatives to the upcoming vaccines.

    according to Dr. Jurgen Mayer the 'altering your DNA video' is completely wrong

    he states here:
    'Apologies but this is how bad information gets spread 🙁 Allow me to explain a few issues with the...
  18. Re: Covid 19, possible alternatives to the upcoming vaccines.

    which vaccine is he referring to? there are 170 in production, is he referring to the software of life vaccine by Moderna?
  19. Covid 19, possible alternatives to the upcoming vaccines.

    Hello there, i've been reading about some of the treatments for COVID 19 around the net and thought these were all pretty interesting, most of them sworn by real doctors So if like me you're planning...
  20. Re: Shepard Ambellas: Telescope Shutdown and Meteor Threat?

    stopped visiting project camelot years ago, all went a bit strange.
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