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    Mmmmmmm, does'nt add up. If the west was on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea to obtain it's mineral wealth how would you extract them from a country contaminated by nuclear fallout. Dont...
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    Re: Huge fire in London tower block

    Apparently people were jumping out of windows and eye witnesses say they saw children at windows trapped. The building had just had a refurbishment and a gas main fitted. I hope not too many people...
  3. Re: Roger Waters Poem - Is this the life we really want?

    Roger is a very talented guy, his eye for detail and the ability to hit the nail on the head is amazing. Even though this was written a few years ago now it sadly still rings true today which begs...
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    Re: Manchester giant fund-raiser

    I don't live too far away from you :thumbsup:
  5. Thread: UK Election.

    by Ashy67

    Re: UK Election.

    Yeah your right, I also live in a labour seat. I can't help but feel that there is a lot of fun and games going on behind the scenes and an effort to keep us in the EU and put us back into line. One...
  6. Thread: UK Election.

    by Ashy67

    Re: UK Election.

    The polls have definitely narrowed and Corbyn does seem to have some momentum. May looked weak and afraid when she refused to debate with the other leaders on TV but on the issue of Brexit May in my...
  7. Re: Mind Viruses / Religious Prisons -

    Thanks Omnisense for an interesting article. I agree with you that Abrahamic religions are used as a way of manipulating the the masses (particularly the people who blindly follow) the people behind...
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    Re: Trump fires FBI director James Comey

    Thanks Sam, very illuminating :thumbsup:
  9. Martin McGuiness, Northern Ireland Sinn Fein politician, dies aged 66
    He turned away from violence and became a political leader for peace. RIP.
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    Re: Is it all a game?

    Thanks LadyM for this brilliant article :highfive: I also found that it resonates with me and my experiences, especially past life. I will now start following the authors blog. I too need to read '...
  11. Thread: Quote of life

    by Ashy67

    Re: Quote of life

    Lovely sentiment Whitelove :highfive:
  12. Re: *Viewer warning* New video clips may show John Podesta torturing a child

    I've had to leave this for 24 hours before coming back to it. This post has really affected me maybe on a psychic level more than conscious level but I'm glad 'a voice from the mountains ' posted it...
  13. Re: *Viewer warning* New video clips may show John Podesta torturing a child

    I went on to the links but couldn't listen for very long , I just found it too disturbing. Anyone who hurts children should be hung . Thats not very spiritual of me I know but thats how I feel.
  14. Re: Strange mythical (?) creatures from the British Isles

    I think that with most myths and legends there is a element of truth and a large part of story telling. You can imagine around a fire in the evening how the stories would be embellished to impress. I...
  15. Re: John Butler on the topic "Discovering stillness"

    Thank you Whitelove this is a fantastic video, I love the story about the Ram. :bigsmile: what a lovely old boy he is !!! :heart:
  16. Re: The Law of Attraction, explained by Bob Proctor

    I'd never heard of him, just spent the last 2 hours watching some of his YouTube video. Great stuff there.[/QUOTE]

    I find he has an easy manner of explaining things, glad you found him...
  17. The Law of Attraction, explained by Bob Proctor

    I know alot of you in the Avalon community will know Bob's work but I think for those who don't he's well worth a look at :sun:
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    Re: PathWalker call for assistance

    I will send you loving healing energy but please remember that you are never on the wrong path. Try to step back from the situation you find yourself in and observe it objectively with complete...
  19. Re: 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster video (HOAX)

    Hi Maknocktomb, it's tough to decipher whether it's real or fake for me because I don't know much about how to debunk videos technically but as he pointed out in the clip the NASA logo on the debris...
  20. Re: Former Soros associate: Wilders and Le Pen elected, then chaos in the EU and global markets

    I think there is a populist uprising around the world at the moment, we are indeed living in interesting times.
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