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    Re: AI transhumanism vs humanitarianism

    Sounds as if the scientists that pursue this work aren't very captivated with spiritual aspects of life and face a fate like some of the previous civilizations.
  2. Re: Russian president vows to become leader in organic food............

    Putin at least hears what the people want. Most of the nut cases in the USA can't hear anything but how much money they get from the corporatocracy. He might even be the perfect write in...
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    I missed this good news in September and was glad to know it.
  4. Re: Direction to Youtube channel/Website or... for how to help others Awaken?

    We have a tendency to recruit with marketing techniques of the old religious paradigm. As so many posters here have said here, it doesn't work with family. Better to be like some Indian guru and let...
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    Re: Men in black

    Thanks, I enjoy watching the Russian UFO videos and I haven't seen this one before.
  6. Re: Is the counterculture today doing a better job than the counterculture in the 60s and 70s?

    What is this "New Message from God religion" and its "sacred teachings?" Is their goal the same as your mission? How do you "shift humanity in the right direction?"
  7. Re: New Blood Test Can Detect Cancer From A Single Drop Of Blood

    Poetbil, perhaps you have never had any of the more invasive detection tests for cancer! I am happy that the Europeans continue to keep researching ways of dealing with cancer. Any breakthrough...
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    Re: Cure For Hypersexuality...?

    After my husband died when we were in our mid thirties, I did accept a few dinner dates but quickly saw that sex was expected and that they were all married men. It was as if I was wearing a widow...
  9. Re: Why hate is more acceptable than love for some humans?

    Why do all the photos I see show only healthy strong men. Where are the children and mothers? Is this just a flood of eventual warriors?
  10. Re: Ben Fulford update 2015-11-10: Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender

    I don't know who is doing all the negotiating but I bet it is quite complex. Wish it was done by the justice dept. and thus in the public eye but they are as corrupt as the rest of the government....
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    Re: Celebrity Trend ??

    Frankly I am feeling lost. Why is it a good thing that celebrities are speaking out? Is it that celebrities are the ones that the masses listen to? Most of the celebrities know less than the people...
  12. Re: Is it me, or is it Youtube - longer, less popular, videos almost unplayable

    I thought it was the people uploading the movies backwards so the store signs read backwards, the dialogue is too soft to hear because of loud background music.etc.Well I am a jerk about this stuff...
  13. Re: David H. Childress: "My Search for Tunnels in the Earth"

    Fascinating read. Perhaps an ancient race had a tunnel boring machine as has been used in the USA. Then stories will exist about our times
  14. Re: Why do so many people still fall for the "whistleblower/insider" hustle?

    One sister and I have extremely different view of our parents although we both grew up in the same household and are only two years difference in age. She has extreme distain for our mother and I...
  15. Re: Words in this music are amazing! (liberation?)

    GalaxyHorse, thank you for your interpretation of the arts and how we all bring our own perspective to it, "There is no actual statement of 'awakening' here, it is pretty much schlock and mawkish...
  16. Re: Why do so many people still fall for the "whistleblower/insider" hustle?

    Here's another concept that I feel is important to understanding one's self: ambiguity. Some people have a low tolerance for ambiguity especially in this age of sound bites. They want instant...
  17. Re: Words in this music are amazing! (liberation?)

    Funny, maybe I am just too paranoiac about Disney and it's negative illuminati influence on females. Take preteens through princess motifs, then whorish **** stuff so the song sounds like forgive...
  18. Re: Short & interesting interview with Stewart Swerdlow

    Posted by grannyfranny100 (here)
    "Morbid, I would listen to as many of his videos before pursuing this and also his website and some of his books. He certainly had a tough early life. I ended up...
  19. Re: Short & interesting interview with Stewart Swerdlow

    Morbid, I would listen to as many of his videos before pursuing this and also his website and some of his books. He certainly had a tough early life. I ended up not pursuing sessions with him
  20. Re: Hobby Lobby Owners Under Investigation for Illegally Acquiring Stolen Artifacts

    They are the ones who didn't want to pay for abortion coverage for their employees.
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