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    Re: Fleeing Cities or regions ahead of lockdowns

    This begs the question..if you had to leave where would you go?
  2. Re: Here's one for the COVID Catastrophists . . . .

    Her coverage of CIVID is disheartening to say the least. As a truth seeker who has transcended the parading of EBE/ET/ED activity here on earth she seems almost blocked in some way when it comes to...
  3. Re: The onslaught of prescription drug commercials on TV

    my understanding is that current pharmaceuticals were promolgated by big oil that funded medical schools and eliminated competing modes of healing which we now know as allopathy. Eventually the...
  4. Re: The Planned COVID-21 and the Confiscation of all Personal Property

    As the Covid panic narrative is modified for each audience we could reasonably expect that truthers would also adopt a targeted approach with information they want/need to covey...communicating to...
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    Re: And Then They Came for the Books...

    My concern for some now is that digital books, journals, articles and ebooks can be altered, removed, edited in real time to serve a variety of purposes, agendas and schemes.

    It is possible to...
  6. Animated Movie: Trump Vs. The Illuminati....deranged and kinda fun to watch

    Well this is out there... LkeiTmmFtLr3nSWek0
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    Re: Schizophrenia is witchcraft

    My observations indicate that there several form of Schizophrenia but perhaps there is an interrelationship between them?

    A. New research indicates that a lot of symptoms can be related to issues...
  8. Re: German Parliamentary Advisor Warns Against Corona Agenda

    Most of us have heard the alarm bells sounded in every industry be it law, finance, entertainment, music, film, art, religion....the list really goes on ad naseum.

    The playbooks to corrupt and...
  9. Re: Have David Wilcock and his wife Elizabeth started a new business?

    An avalonian should join and report back to us all!

    We can set up a little gofundme acct to cover the costs
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    Re: Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19

    or...he was poisoned. Who knows what playbook is being used.
  11. Re: German Parliamentary Advisor Warns Against Corona Agenda

    IChingUChing you do not need to hunt down and verify the source really. Take it for what it is. A sobering look at an agenda that further enables the control over people, resources, politicians and...
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    Re: SCU Issues a Press Release

    IF unrestricted access to this information and other things under wraps like free energy were to be openly disclosed happen we also must consider that the West has real enemies.

    It just may be...
  13. Re: Canada given until 1st October to relax Covid madness

    This smacks of "Freeman on the land" and sovereign citizens movements which have accomplished anything that I can see. What I am aware of is that Ontario is preparing for a level 2 lockdown so they...
  14. Re: Call for help - Son is lost at sea on Gulf Livestock 1

    So very sorry this has happened, I hope everything works out. I have signed the petition and posted to my social media accounts.

    I wonder if the Farsight institute or other gifted people can...
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    Re: Full Disclosure for Real

    This project seems endlessly fasciating. Although most contact encounters I have read, heard about or watched have been interesting there is always the disconnect of not being there and experiencing...
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    Re: The Legend of the Merfolk

    some Sumerian artefacts depict fish headed does most European and seafarer folklore. Japan also has tales of water people... there may be something to this as the contrary evolutionary...
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    Re: Strategic Relocation

    I have 3 plans in Play.
    I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Generally we are very blessed in many ways as it relates to weather, food supplies, power, fuel and most disasters seem to miss us.

  18. Re: Praveen Mohan, ancient builder race with ancient technologies.

    This guy is an inspiration! I've followed his work for a while and love how he tries to explore, research and recreate some of the knowledge of our ancient past.

    Not everything is "aliens" I hope...
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    Re: Vaccine ingredients

    There is a facebook group about high dose Vit C and other supplements to moderate the damage and detox from vaccines, A course of MMS would also be a consideration and something you may want to...
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    Re: Can humans really levitate?

    very well could be how people are abducted from footprints and just disappeared ala David Paulides missing 411 reports.
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