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  1. Re: Mike Adams--Wake up call--warning--get prepared--

    Regardless of wether SHTF or not, I think it is a great idea to buy food in bulk, store extra money in silver or gold, grow your own garden, be in shape etc etc.
  2. Re: Alex Jones: "Something Big Is About To Happen"

    Has anyone seen the new movie Tomorrowland?
    ****SPOILER ALERT*****
    Its a movie about a bunch of scientists, artists and philosophers who went to a different dimension on earth to create a free...
  3. Re: Sept 24th Comet Impact? A Glitch in the Matrix

    According to analysis of the author in this article the shemitah ends in September as well and is an indicator of probable econmic problems. Quite a few coincidence the author points out......
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    The Legend of Korra

    Did you ever watch Avatar the last air bender cartoon? There is a fairly new continuation to that series calls the Legend of Korra. It is an animation fantasy world where there is an Avatar that...
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    Turds of Karma

    The following article came to me today, which has been a series of related information that has come to me over the last few month; and this articles puts it all together very nicely. It relates to...
  6. Re: How did you end up as a Project Avalon member?

    I had just heard about Dolores Cannon and did a search on her. A projecct Avalon forum thread popped up and I visited everyday until I joined.
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    Re: Is Edward Snowden and CitizenFour a Psy-Op?

    I agree that this may well be a psyops. If it is I think the important questions to ask is who and why.
    I think we can rule out our direct governent, because I think most are just pawns in the...
  8. Re: Michael Salla Gives His Take on GoodETxSG's Reports


    That's interesting to you? Really? In that case, I've got a bridge in a swamp you might want to buy. ;)[/QUOTE]

    I'll take it...I assume the support structure is rot resistant. ...
  9. Re: Michael Salla Gives His Take on GoodETxSG's Reports

    All of this is from
  10. Re: Michael Salla Gives His Take on GoodETxSG's Reports

    I second that motion.

    I read this thread last night, but was waiting until some sleep to respond, and you wrote as I was thinking. My BS meter has been off the charts since the first GoodET...
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    Re: Rigged Poker Games via Black Ops

    It all makes sense now! Lol
    I am a semi-professional poker player, mostly tournaments. So far it would seem they don't want me to have a lot of money! I get really close to winning a lot of money...
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    This happened to me once in my life, at the time there seemed to be a lot of ET presence around me. At one point a had a piece of moldavite and was laying down with it on my third eye, I fell asleep...
  13. Re: The False light campaign and the inner Earth Dracos

    While all of this resonates with me strongly I cannot help but wonder, Where does the author of a piece like this get their information from? It almost feels like it is also channeled.
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    Re: What can WE do?

    You can start a time based currency in your community:
    In economics, a time-based currency is an alternative currency where the unit of exchange is the person-hour. Some time-based currencies value...
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    Re: What can WE do?

    Oh, and this. Warning: explicit lyrics. :)
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    What can WE do?

    This is a thread for ideas, to inspire us all. As we see all across the alt. media, governemnts are out of control, the enviornment is dying, war across the land, and maybe there is an alliance...
  17. Re: Obama on Aliens: is he telling the truth, or joking?

    Truth hidden in comedy to me!
  18. Re: 6 Issues with Climate Change (by Ben from Suspicous0bservers)

    Yes, it is. He's VERY good. I'd not contest a thing he says.

    But... methane is not mentioned at any point)rather to my surprise). If Ben's made any videos referring to the methane problem, please...
  19. Re: 6 Issues with Climate Change (by Ben from Suspicous0bservers)

    Here is a time-lapse of the Age of the ice at the north pole

  20. 6 Issues with Climate Change (by Ben from Suspicous0bservers)

    Here Ben from Suspicous0bservers discusses his 6 issues with climate change from fradulent studies, corrupted scientists, our sun, to geoengineering.

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