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    Re: The Problems with Facebook

    Greetings Ewan, Bill and all,

    I have a piece of writing along the very same lines Ewan, the idea of the watchers, being watched, being watched, as my prediction that reality TV will be the bulk of...
  2. Re: Work available - Humans need not apply.......

    Hi Atlas

    This is a discussion that seems to be raging at the moment, being raised in a spate of recent movies and TV shows as well. For Avalonians interested may I suggest, if not already seen,...
  3. Re: Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn on leader result ....

    I just posted on another thread how the mood in UK was shifting from the depression of the post election to hope with the ascendancy of Jeremy Corbyn, then I see this! Aw. Mwwa, mmwa, mmwa, mwa.
  4. Re: From Fingerprints of the Gods to Magicians of the Gods

    COMET WILL HIT WITHIN 20 YEARS. Mr Hancock’s article in the Daily Mail doesn’t sugarcoat it.
  5. Re: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has left his body, passing away through the night.

    I was shocked to see this on my Twitter feed, I didn't know he was even ill. He had seminars booked up for November. Anyone know more? He was a seemingly vigorous and healthy 75 year old.

  6. Re: Documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" by Alex Gibney subtitled in Castilian (2015 HBO)

    Thank you for posting, I'd like to see this, but both your links come up unavailable for me, one saying that Sky had blocked it and the other just as unavailable. Over the last year or so, I find...
  7. Re: Renowned UFO And Alien researcher Timothy Good In Q&A 17 / 6 / 15 ...Ritchie Allen show.

    Thanks for posting Cider. I read Mr Good’s first book many years ago, it may have been the source of numerous stories about UFO experiences that over the years I seem to have known forever. But I...
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    Re: Is Alex Jones CoIntelPro?

    Just wanted to chip in to thank AD for the outstanding posts. Filled with clarity, intelligence and insight. Those who need to read them twice, won't, of course. Brilliant effort nonetheless. Sorry...
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    Hello Cider

    2 ETs working with US government, Paul Hellyer video:

    Thanks for posting. I had so many reactions to this video that ranged from ‘Oh Wow! it’s happened. Disclosure. Then he went...
  10. Re: Alfred Lambremont Webre with Simon Parkes and Randy Cramer Roundtable

    Greetings All,

    Thanks for all your posts, I stumbled on this vid today, via Simon's website, (that I also 'stumbled' upon) and came here to see if there was a discussion. Never disappointed!

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    Re: Happy Black Friday

    Yesterday morning I was disturbed early by noisy neighbours as usual at 5.15am. I sat with my coffee and looked at the Daily Mail Online, not that I believe most of what I read there, I do like to...
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    Re: "Origins" Exclusive Worldwide Premiere

    Hello Edina. Thanks for posting.

    I'm always happy to see these kinds of efforts, (like Thrive) skilfully using the medium to present articulate, well educated people trying to awaken others and...
  13. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    Greetings Bill and Avalon

    Whilst considering your two latest posts over the past week, I saw two films that echo so many of these ideas.

    Elysium and Ender’s Game. Both highly recommended. In...
  14. Thread: Empaths

    by Phoenix1304

    Re: Empaths

    Last night I stumbled on a series of videos about empathy, and I wasn't even looking! I thought I'd post the link here, particularly for any of our younger members that are probably empathic and...
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    Dr Masaru Emoto - RIP

    I thought Dr Emoto’s discoveries were quite astounding. I thought his books should come with a warning ‘Danger of...
  16. Re: Robin Williams R.I.P. talking about being suicidal and what to do!

    Yes, I did Nancy, for the same reasons. In his stand up routine, he took a lot of shots at the psychos we don't like, albeit disguised in hilarious, genius comic talent, I wouldn't put it past any of...
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    Light Relief....Hacker Couture


    My kinda people. Not that I could hack my way out of a paper bag, but if we are in a giant hologram, maybe these are the ones that will...
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    Re: Mass Arrests of Pedophiles in UK

    It seems obvious that there are lots of sacrificial goats at the moment, including 'national treasure' Rolf Harris, distractions yes, but also we have the complete failure of the elites to install...
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    Mass Arrests of Pedophiles in UK

    Are we rooting them out at last?

    Massive cabinet reshuffle yesterday, getting rid of a lot of old males in favour of younger women...I find that interesting in light of the lid blowing off...
  20. Re: Karen Hudes: Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be History!!!

    Inspiring! Karen Hudes for World Treasurer! I have only good feelings about this lady, genuine, courageous and a blessing to us all. 95% sure it's all over? I pray she's right. One question, why...
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