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    There is no Nibiru or second Sun or a rogue planet......

    Pay attention to the incoming asteroids.....

    That is our main concern as a people on this world
  2. Re: Serpent Worship, what does it really mean?

    A most strange fascination with serpents the ancient humans had.

    It begs the question, were ancient humans superstitious enough to bow down to a snake or is/was something else?

    For how long...
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    My dear fellow Avalonians.

    I am not nor have ever been a catastrophist, if you will, but I found this and would like to share it with you.

    Is this just a kids show, toying around with the idea...
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    Re: Inelia's full interview now published

    I have no words.

    This person is amongst the few people that I have witnessed that truly resonates within me, that is someone who you know, you feel, has a genuine interest and seriousness,
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    Re:Inelia's full interview now published

    Gotta work tomorrow, but cant go to sleep because of this interview. ;)
  6. Re: New Roswell footage making the rounds this week

    Very interesting indeed.
  7. Re: Adm. George Hoover and the Roswell secret: the real abilities that humans have

    Dear Avalonians, if I may, I hardly think that these beings are us from the future, it could possible, but they look so distant so cold to us.

    There is something else going on here, perhaps these...
  8. Re: Unplugging the Patriarchy - a new interview with Lucia Rene

    It is my belief that the future of this world lies within the heart of women.

    I say this because women have been able to trust that part of ourselves that is wrongfully called intuition as if it...
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    Re: what's Mr. Ryan's Response

    What I dont understand is how come Kerry knows the reptilians come from Sirius B, what is her proof of that?

    In regards to the 33, I think that there is no way to please people.

    People who are...
  10. Re: Are the 33 (427) bloodlines reincarnated Reptilians in Human bodies: the Real Hyb

    Pardon my question but I have been intrigued regarding this reptile stuff all over the web, but what proof do we actually have or what prove does humanity actually have in regards to the existence of...
  11. Re: Has Hugh Hefner been good for society .. or has he been a bane of modern society?

    Hugh Hefner is the same as any other human being, nothing more nothing less and society will always love him, starting with his detractors.
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    Re: Alien Interview - (Sorry folks, this is a hoax: BR)

    This interview reminds of the lacerta files.
  13. Re: Klaus Dona follow-up: The Hidden History of the Human Race

    One of the most interesting parts are the figurines that look like reptilian men or lizard like men. I do not know much about this reptilian stuff but who knows, who cant say for sure that just as we...
  14. Sticky: Re: Spiritual encounters of all kind - war for souls

    Fear not a war for your soul, they might hurt you but cant destroy the soul for it is the Creators property and mystery, no one knows exactly what and how does the soul works.

    But rest assured,...
  15. Re: To Bill and Charles...could this be it...

    People often refer to the second coming of Jesus, but it begs the question: How can the world know, when Jesus comes that he is Jesus?.

    No one has a picture of him nor anyone has seen him, how can...
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    Re: A Spiritual Diary

    The one true path goes towards the inside, the thing is that in order to walk that path, one must be willing to relinquish the temporary so called achievements of this world.

    Now, Im not against...
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    Re: What Kind of Poster are YOU??

    Your ever well wisher type.;)
  18. Re: A message from a Nun about the 'Charles' material

    I think, that the future of humanity is splendid, if so humanity desires.

    Just look around us, people from all ages, cultures and mindset in general are welcoming and begging for a change.

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    Re: Shadow People

    Possibly they could be any kind of creature and our eyes only see a shadow.......thats my opinion though.
  20. Re: Can anyone suggest to me ways to open the eyes of friends and family????

    By example.
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