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    Re: Donald Trump's Speech to the RNC


    Means even more of a police state to my ears sadly
  2. Re: Islamophobia: Why Are So Many, So Frightened

    The first ever suicide bombing in Baghdad happened in 2003 AFTER we invaded. Just saying, maybe its more than just islam that caused this phenomenon
  3. Re: Autistic boy gains ability to speak after just 2 days of cannabis oil treatment

    Many states in the USA have legal recreational cannabis. Alaska, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon
  4. Re: Tortured/ experimented on Etherically by next door neighbor

    I think you're just fine. Stop worrying so much!! Nothing can stop you or mess with you im here to tell you
  5. Re: Trump, politics and professional wrestling

    This is an incredibly insightful post Doug! I like the correlations you draw. seems to be a nice working hypothesis youve constructed here. Depressing though
  6. Re: Putin/Russian Parliament, Daring White Hat "Enemies of the NWO", Propose 7 year jail sentences for Bitcoin ownership...

    Theyre maybe trying to sure up areas of economic manipulation from the west. We'll screw that economy over any way we can
  7. Re: China Sending Man to the Moon ( 2036 !)

    Carmody wins the internetwith this post. Its broad, dynamic, insightful and poignant. Touches on so many key factors imo. Well played Carmody
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    Re: PRINCE has died

    the CTs are an advanced radar detection program i believe. They make a metal soup in the air, visible on certain radars, so that even cloaked, supersonic or maybe even offworld crafts can be tracled...
  9. Re: Is The Fukushima Radiation Being Blown Out of Proportion?

    That wouldn't be good for phama profits, that type of media attention. Dont want people watching what they eat lol. But if somehow they could get sick and not know why, years down the road.....
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    Re: The desensitization of men

    didn't read. couldn't read after seeing that handsome face, please summarzie
  11. Re: Financial markets: something weird is going on

    Emergency Stabilization Fund at work here??
  12. Re: Financial markets: something weird is going on

    hmmm, im wondering how oil gained value in the markets just as Iran hits the scene with millions of barrels of oil free now to openly trade. Shouldn't that have flooded the already saturated market...
  13. Re: USA will "... go on the defensive ... in ways that China may not like"

    See Corbett report 'how the west re-colonized china'
  14. Re: P. Diddy knows the US Political system is a Scam

    P. Diddy and Usher are part of hollywood illuminati some think (and that they had sex together ha). I just think that he isn't very articulate
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    Re: Speeding up the healing of broken bones

    SILICa. Often sold with sulphur in a liquid form. I'd supplement my calcium with silica heavily during healing from bone breaks
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    Re: Jon Kelly & Tucson UFO interview

    Ive seen ufos there as well
  17. Re: The body of the mother can identify if child is evil or not.

    I think the whole premise of this post is outlandish. 'Evil' is a subjective term anyway, not an absolute for many. Also, a case study of one person that you knew is very weak anecdotal basis for...
  18. Re: Martial Law; Go to the camp, shelter in, bug out or do you have a choice?

    Logistically impossible. Honestly, it would take all military resources just to try and lock down 25 major metropolitan areas. Id be more concerned with a time when you might actually hope for...
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    Re: The River Man

    Pink Moon!
  20. Re: May be the time to stop eating sea food?

    I thought this would be a thread on Fukushima Daichi
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