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  1. Re: Bank Theft during long weekend in Cyprus - Enforced 6.75-10% taken from all savings accounts.

    How can "haircut" not equal theft?

    H ere
    A ll
    I ncome
    R eceived
    C orrupt
    U nities
    T thank you
  2. Re: New Zealand - Mt Tongariro Volcano Erupts for the first time in over a Century

    Although not in NZ but relevant:
  3. Re: New Zealand - Mt Tongariro Volcano Erupts for the first time in over a Century
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    Foot find shows prehuman walked same time

  5. Re: Silence Gun: weapon of the future immediately quietens you, whether you like it o

    Scary stuff - how much would one pay for "silence is golden"...
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    India launches cashless biometeric system

    Well, it's started then...
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    Re: Get Ready For A New Human Species

    What would be the point in Genetically Modifying Humans if they give us legs but we aren't free to roam, mouths but we can't speak the truth.

    We wouldn't be Human, we would be zombies.

    That is...
  8. Re: ATTENTION PREPPERS - Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspected Terror

    It starts with little things like saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" and then moves on to not allowing Veterans to fly the flag that they fought under.

    Next it will be 4th July -...
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    Re: Russia threatens to block NATO routes

    Were the students paid and all part of the chess game?
  10. Re: Congress to Vote Next Week on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State

    This must be the other reason to deploy troops to countries where they are not in a state of threat.
  11. Re: US-Senate Pushes Orwellian Martial Law Police Stateb Serving NWO Mafia Agenda!

    Its stuff like this that makes me think that future generations will say "didn't you see the writing on the wall - what sort of world did you leave behind that your presence been a gift to us?".
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    Re: Facebook has 'Stolen' my (SOUL)..!

    There was an online article at about some guy in Europe who requested all information in regards to his facebook account. He got a CD with thousands of pages of stuff he had deleted...
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    Other interesting articles and campagins at that site - one recently was to get Diva to stop selling "playboy" to young girls which has resulted in the removal of said brand from their stores so...
  14. Re: Apple iphone 4s and siri, a 'personal assistant' that records everything!

    So by default even if you do not have an iphone, if your address and phone details are listed in someone elses iphone your data is in the 'cloud' --> so who therefore is the owner of your own data...
  15. Alternative treatments led to Steve Jobs death - doctor

    Article at above link.
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    Humans to live to 150 years with new drug

    Will 150 be the new 100 years old?
  17. Re: Rupert Murdoch labels US Education System a Crime against Children..!

    Perhaps he wants computers in every classroom so he can run advertisements or phone, er, computer tap them...
  18. Re: Women Taking Diet Supplements Should Think Twice, Study Says

    Call me a cynic but I want to know who funded this research - the pharmaceutical companies? Maybe if older woman stopped taking multivitamins to make up for any shortfalls in their diet the...
  19. Re: California 12 year olds to be vaccinated with out parents knowing

    I was talking to someone from the Cancer Council last week and they said that Gardasil was their proudest achievement - :shocked: what the!??!?!

    You can't expect a 12 year old girl to understand...
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    Re: UK Home-Owners get 'License to Kill'..!

    I think in NZ and Australia homeowners are able to use resonable force against an intruder - i.e same type of weapon but recently an intruder was killed in Australia but was the homeowner suppose to...
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