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  1. Re: Epigenetics - The Ghosts in your genes - documentary

    VERY important information, let's hope it doesn't take the rest of the scientific establishment 200 years to accept it. :wizard:
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    Re: UFO above airbase in UK

    Congratulatios on being the first person to post a credible video of a UFO
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    Re: CytocosmosTV and Metabiology

    YIPPEEEEEE !! Glad to hear from you again and to know all is well with you. Your project looks amazing and I can't wait for the launch.

    This is a very welcome tonic at a time of continued...
  4. Re: Paris Attack, multiple locations, 132 dead, 349 injured, 17 remaining in critical condition (13 Nov 2015)

    While sending our love and our thoughts to the recently bereaved, let's not forget the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who are about to be slaughtered by NATO.
  5. Re: Is it me, or is it Youtube - longer, less popular, videos almost unplayable

    I find this to be an intermittent problem, long or short, it doesn't matter - they just freeze up and the only way to watch them is to download them (using downloadhelper in Firefox). I also often...
  6. Re: A strange metaphor between homeopathy and the out of body human spirit

    In my estimation, it is very definitely both. One cannot make carbon based organic molecules using sodium, chlorine or xeon instead of carbon ... doesn't work. But the carbon atoms in an organic...
  7. Re: A strange metaphor between homeopathy and the out of body human spirit


    My reply, which started with the words "Absolutely right" applied to all 4 of your points :bigsmile:

    As Selene points out - your thoughts on the subject are extremely astute, despite your...
  8. Re: A strange metaphor between homeopathy and the out of body human spirit

    Absolutely right.

    You have expressed in modern language a lot of the things which Samuel Hahnemann spoke of, or could only alude to, in 19th century language.

    Over the last 200 years...
  9. Re: Canada Election : Vote for whoever you wish but vote!

    Trudeau ?!?

    Justin Trudeau.

    Hint hint hint hint "TRUDEAU". Heard that name anywhere before, O Canadians ??

    Electing someone with the surname Trudeau and expecting change is a bit like your...
  10. Indigenous Mayans in Guatemala Overturn "Monsanto Law"

    Excellent News :sun: ....

    "A new law was passed in Guatemala in June 2015 that would have given exclusivity on patented seeds to a handful of transnational companies such as Monsanto. The...
  11. Re: The Fifth World/ "fifth level" of human when the eagle and condor in us fly together

    Following an introduction to a Q'ero elder in 1996, a truly remarkable man, I read "Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge". A lovely book, and a good introduction to the Q'ero tradition, and also their...
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    The article states (paraphrased) that over a course of time they observed fluctuations in the brightness of light emissions. It doesn't mention anything about a close up photo (it wouldn't...
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    Interesting but a tad misleading. If you read the statement, it's clear that so far they are only speculating about what causes this anomaly and it's also clear that the Picture IS NOT a photo taken...
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    Re: Anomalies in The Ruiner's material

    Just some typically vague, rambling thoughts .....

    Are people just a little too eager to hear from "whistleblowers" ?
    Do they (the whistleblowers) ever really tell us anything of substance ?...
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    Re: Anomalies in The Ruiner's material

    Almost everything I have ever been sure of is either

    in some isolated microcosm, such as in the foundations of mathematics, or
    something that, given enough time, I have realized was profoundly...
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    Re: Dark Journalist w/ Graham Hancock

    Watching now.

    Graham is, for me, far and away the most inspiring speaker/researcher of our time. I find myself far more in synch' with his stated views of our situation (past, present and future) ...
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    Re: Sudden Changes in one's Preferences

    That's really strange. Obviously one's preferences change over time, but to have so many in such a short space of time is highly unusual. See if you can identify any changes that have happened in...
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    Re: Anomalies in The Ruiner's material


    I was totally flabergasted by the appearance of this on the forum, and a few months ago I was listening to an interview with Zen Gardner who, lo and behold, announced that the flat Earth...
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    Re: Documentary: Legends of Ingushetia

    Downloading it now and will watch when I have the time.
    Thanks for sharing, it's nice to become aware of a region and people that I'd never heard of before.
  20. Re: This was Classic (Marlon Brando, supporting Native Americans, refuses to accept his 1973 Oscar)

    You weren't alone, just a shame I was a couple of hundred miles South of you !

    I think I've said before that there's something about the slaughter of indigenous people that arouses in me much more...
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