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  1. Re: World Age Cycles, Destruction & Conjunctions

    Dear Bill,

    I have just completed Part 2 where I present my theories on just how planetary alignments can trigger disaster:
  2. Re: World Age Cycles, Destruction & Conjunctions

    In addition to the 627 BC alignment, there is also the 687 BC disaster. This is recorded in secular Chinese records. And it corresponds to the Greek story of the Death of Phaethon. Zeus kills...
  3. World Age Cycles, Destruction & Conjunctions


    I have just uploaded a new 25 minute lecture on the Special Conjunction pattern that would appear to be responsible for triggering the massive global upheaval circa 10900 BC, and also the...
  4. Re: Dark Journalist and Clif High: Alt Media Folks Doxxed

    Is there any evidence at all that Laura Eisenhower is President Eisenhower's grand daughter? I cannot find a thing.
  5. Re: World Age Cycles of Destruction & Ancient Esoteric Calendars

    I am getting it together as we speak. It is mere days away. Maybe 2 or 3.

  6. Re: World Age Cycles of Destruction & Ancient Esoteric Calendars

    Dear Jayke,

    I mention them in my book Occult Physics, the details of which are on my website which you can access via my signature.

    With regard to the cycles, I have quite an opinion on this.
  7. Re: World Age Cycles of Destruction & Ancient Esoteric Calendars

    I am currently doing the audio for the presentation which I will then host on my own You Tube channel. It should be up in about 7-10 days. All will be revealed then. It is unfortunate that Kerry cut...
  8. World Age Cycles of Destruction & Ancient Esoteric Calendars

    Hello Guys,

    I have just completed a new interview with Kerry Cassidy focused on World Age Cycles, as associated with sudden physical upheaval to the Earth and the Solar System. It contains some of...
  9. Sticky: Re: Dutchsinse's Earthquake Reports and Forecasts

    I have done my own video on this matter, and think that there may well be a significant earthquake in the next 2 days or so:
  10. Replies

    North Korea's counter attack

    There is a good chance that North Korea could strike back against the US using Scalar Beam weapons, producing artificial earthquakes at a distance.

    Though NK detonated a 122 KT Hydrogen bomb on...
  11. Re: North Korea, Nuclear Tests & Scalar Beam Weapons

    Reading what you have said, it is clear to me that you quite simply have failed to understand the basic point I was making. Your technical criticism is way off the mark, because you are criticising...
  12. Re: North Korea, Nuclear Tests & Scalar Beam Weapons

    My view on this very matter is that the devices themselves do not 'contain' the energy as such. They create a certain 'condition' that is at the moment it is created, at the location that it is...
  13. North Korea, Nuclear Tests & Scalar Beam Weapons

    Hello guys,

    I have just done another interview with Kerry Cassidy about the situation in North Korea, and presented evidence to suggest that they have Scalar Beam Weapons capable of triggering...
  14. Farsight Remote Viewing Timecross Forecast May 2017. North Korea & War

    Has anybody seen the latest Timecross project for May 2017.

    Dick Allgire seems to be viewing North Korea conducting a 6th Nuclear Test. And the other viewers are speaking of major military...
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    Re: The Secret Physics of Nuclear Weapons

    Bruce Cathie has looked at Tunguska in his books, but his analysis is not that convincing for me. It is somewhat of a mystery. And the analyses that I have done in my video reveal that you would need...
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    The Secret Physics of Nuclear Weapons

    Hello Guys,

    I have just produced a new video presentation about the physical principles of Nuclear Weapons; being an extension of the work of Bruce Cathie. It is conclusively proven that nuclear...
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    Re: Veterans Today has jumped the shark

    I am very pleased to see that I am not the only one who thinks VT is compromised, highlighting in particular the individual Ian Greenhalgh. I have read some of his articles, and he attacks people...
  18. Planetary Conjunction Cycles that Mark 'The End of the World'

    I have just recently done a major presentation on The Leak Project where I revealed the true nature of the Aztec/Mayan Calendar linked to ritual sacrifice and preventing 'The end of the World.'

  19. Farsight Timecross October Event 2016 - Economic Collapse

    Looks like an economic collapse is to occur in October - sometime this month. This is per the Remote Viewing of Dick Allgire. He even has a viewing of the Ouroboros Snake eating its own tale as...
  20. Re: Who do you want Bill Ryan to interview next?

    Dear Bill,

    If you are there, interview me. I have just had back a Remote Viewing of Planet X with astoundingly successful results. I have created some slides and we can do a Skype interview, and I...
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