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  1. Re: Tom DeLonge and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?

    I appreciate having this thread to reflect on this announcement. The previous few posts have me thinking a lot about the Star Wars universe, and the tech-savvy pyramid-structured Empire facing off...
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    Re: 'Space-Shuttle' in Cambodia jungle?

    This is a very strange post. You're asking for speculations about a story which you haven't even told. You just gave the title.
  3. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 26 September 2016 - Major world power struggles and changes due in October

    It's a bit of the "Night of the Living Dead Conspiracy Theories."

    That idea of a "North American Union" back by a currency called the "Amero" is not at all new. Rumsfeld & Co. allegedly did a lot...
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    Re: Who do you want Bill Ryan to interview next?

    Well... That fatigue comes in part from the sensationalistic and/or commercial aspects of so much that's out there. Your trademark format of Interviewer-Subject-Camera is deeply satisfying for me...
  5. Re: Rockefellers selling (ExxonMobil) all their investments in fossil fuels

    GMB, I had a similar thought. I read the Bloomberg story on this topic:

    Bloomberg: Rockefellers Dump Exxon Holdings That Made Family's Fortune

    Here was an exceedingly interesting paragraph from...
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    Re: Have we ever been on the Moon?

    Reading a bit into that document...

    Right off, there are quite a few problems with his methods of figuring. One of the key issues is his over-emphasis on the vast distances involved. Once you've...
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    Re: Alex Jones Exposed?

    Just had an additional thought to share:

    There's a big difference between "Situational Awareness" and "Spiritual Wisdom." Both have a lot of value.

    I think Jones is fairly useful in...
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    Re: Alex Jones Exposed?

    That’s just not true. Yes, the spiritual awakening process is a higher order transformation than the process of awakening to a more fundamental understanding of geopolitics. The two are not, however,...
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    Re: Alex Jones Exposed?

    Interesting perspectives all around.

    I will simply say that, since you haven't really clarified who you have in mind when you talk about "the truth movement," I don't think we can really evaluate...
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    Re: Alex Jones Exposed?


    I want to respond to the totality of your post, which I've re-read a couple times.

    I will be the first to say that, what I don't know could fill an encyclopedia. As someone trying to...
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    Re: Alex Jones Exposed?

    Attributing that level of omnipotence to "the powers that be" is a fatalism and nihilism that I reject. Every person has their own power, and therefore the ability to have their own agenda. To be a...
  12. Re: PLEIADIAN Books: FRAUD or LEGIT? (Your quick opinion)

    Rubbishing something off due to your own lack of understanding isn't really the best thing to do. I understand where you're coming from but how on earth do you know that real channelled information...
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    Re: Alex Jones Exposed?

    I too have been giving a lot of thought to Alex Jones over the past couple weeks, specifically prompted by his support of Donald Trump.

    I don't want to get into liberal/conservative polarizations,...
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    Re: The Impermanence of All Things

    Three days ago, I was thinking, "Odd that Bill hasn't started any threads in 2016. I wish he would."

    What a nice surprise to read your post.

    I used to be bothered when I lost something (I can...
  15. Re: Gary McKinnon - NASA & Military Secret Files - Richplanet TV

    The interview is getting some mainstream news coverage. We've all known for years that McKinnon's info apparently included stuff about space fleets and "non-terrestrial officers," but the coverage of...
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    I think focusing on is tangential at best... The importance here is the kind of material being covered in a serious way in a semi-mainstream outlet.

    I'm not endorsing Salon by sharing...
  17. Re: AnonSec hack on NASA reveals Chemtrails and GPS locations

    Steve, thanks for sharing that. I read the link, and I agree that the evidence about the top video does call it deeply into question. I am editing my prior comment as a result.

    Not sure how that...
  18. Re: AnonSec hack on NASA reveals Chemtrails and GPS locations

    I second WEAREONE's comment -- if you only watch one of those videos, watch the first one -- the nerdy guy presenting the plan to modify behaviors by spreading modified cold and flu viruses to dampen...
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    Well, Salon has many writers...

    The subject of the interview, Talbot, is the founder and former CEO of the site/company. He's now writing books, and this one takes a decidedly non-mainstream view...
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    A journalist interviews the site's founder, David Talbot, about Talbot's new book called "The Devil's Chessboard".

    What's intersting to me isn't so much the sordid details contained in...
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