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    Re: My Friend needs prayers now!

    Brian, don't give up. Keep going. What is a challenge today, tomorrow will be only passed experience which you even don't remember . Sending my , Love and Peace.

    Hugs from Pilgrim.
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    I wonder what about people who are involved in these programs whet they really think they do. What about their consciousness?

    The budget for such a program must be enormous. How can they hide...
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    Re: Masonic Symbology in Noah and other films

    Dear SW, thank you for your all of your posts, I really enjoyed this thread and your conversation with GF. May I ask if you can you elaborate on that idea a bit more? I guess I would not be the only...
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    Re: Project Camelot's 20 millionth visitor

    Thank you for your work, Kerry and Bill. You have opened eyes to many and brought inspirations to people around the globe. Congratulations for your achievements. You are real truth seekers, real...
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    Re: True Detective: HBO TV - Dark and Riveting

    Very addictive, excellent series I must admit. Despite I donīt watch series usually I have got hooked with that one. Both main characters played by great actors. Well written story line. Superb piece...
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    Re: The Many Distractions (here and there)

    I guess these are key words...Blessing and hugs :-)
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    Re: Suicide of the soul

    Dear graybeard what is AA abreviation standing for (for us not native ENG speakers? sorry didnīt grasp that...) Thank you for an explanation... :-)

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    Re: What is the Purpose of Your Presence?

    Good question. Having been poundering that since my childhood. Simply, I donīt know...therefore, I have been here ( and at Avalon too) trying to figure that out...
  9. Re: Steven Seagal: Obama regime very good at controlling media, propaganda

    First I was quite sceptical to watch a video at all though at last I managed to finish the whole show. I admit I was positivelly surprised with his answers at the end. I have more respect for him...
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    Re: Free sharing of Source energy

    I am in my dear fellow Avalonians :-)
  11. Re: David Icke - The People's Voice - first broadcast 10th November!

    Yes, it is on here too now. Great! ;)
  12. Re: David Icke - The People's Voice - first broadcast 10th November!

    Is it on? Anyone is watching? Doesnīt work here where I live now...
  13. Re: How To Remain Loving and Optimistic in Oppressive Times?

    To apply forgiveness
    To move behind limited ego-personality state into awareness-personality -presence
    To see perfection in imperfection
    To see oneness/Love/Christ in others

    and just to Be...
  14. Re: A Spiritual Community in China Seeks Urgent International Help

    I donīt know how serious it might get there. Have not been to China yet (though I would like to visit yourcountry one day). However, having experience life under rule of communistic establishment in...
  15. Re: Raptors: yet another ET race

    Good point...
  16. Re: Carol Clarke: the most consistently accurate psychic I have come across

    My dear Avalonians, my friends in a persuit for truth.

    I guess everything comes at right moment. I had been also very intrigued about receiving Carolīs reading, although, for whatever reason it...
  17. Re: Project Camelot: Total Recall - my interview with Mark Richards

    After some time I appreciate this very "civil" attitude, thank you, Kerry.
  18. Re: David Icke - The People's Voice - first broadcast 10th November!

    Looking forward to witness that tomorrow.
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    Amazing painting and nice video. Thank you for your experience of creative process and sharing that with us putting in nicely with veriaty of ideas. Inspiring...

  20. Re: Vatican Eyewitness: Pope Benedict XVl Murdered Child In Ritual Sacrifice

    I am speachless, very brave lady, hope she will be well, and nothing happens to her, not meeting any strange
    "accident", those crimes shall be not be hushed hushed, those crimes must be punished.
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