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  1. Re: T.V. is a powerful tool ! S T O P watching the news for a week ... Tell me how you feel now and after ...

    i haven't owned a tv since 2005... and at that point it was only for movies...

    only watch when im at the watering hole getting wet....
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    Re: 12 volt chill pill residence???

    i should of clarified... my fault.... I ran a 24v system useing regular romex... i think it was 10-2. then for the 120v appliances i ran off the battery into an inverter and again used the 10-2...
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    Re: 12 volt chill pill residence???

    its not hard, you run the wires in ur house the same you would a normal house...

    the control center for fuses running to your battery box is the only part that is different and is very doable......
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    Re: How Do You Pronounce The Name 'Jesus'?

    its whats in your heart...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford 10-6-14

    kicked out, or not chosen?
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    Re: Leaving Room For Grace

    "unmerited favor"--close friend of thunder's
  7. Re: Haemorrhagic fever / Ebola outbreaks have been reported - accident, natural or bio-weapon?

    posting this here, cause of title saying bio-weapon, this to me are signs of said such, if not hints or leaks to those with eyes to see it... mayb its just me...

    Russia Today: Killer cost of...
  8. Re: Does wearing a Alumnium foil on your head stop telepathic entities thoughts coming in.

    only way to know is to try... give it a whirl...;)
  9. Re: NBC News Just Hired Cameraman Who Tests Positive For Ebola??

    William Bramely has an excellent book published called "the gods of eden" talks about plagues and disease going way back, and the abilities of leaders of the world, be they terrestrial or not, to...
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    Re: Muslim Face Coverings


    Im wondering if this is more appropriate...

    matrix lady in the red dress or muslimah showing nothing, so the "hungry doggs in the basement don't get aroused"

    Non intentional...
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    Re: Muslim Face Coverings

    Oh my fuking gosh...

    Islam -"Muslims also believe that Islam is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith that was revealed before many times throughout the world, including...
  12. Re: sun has gone a bit crazy. heat, light all different when chemtrails are not in sky

    really? :confused::jaw:
  13. Re: Cathy O'Brien Today w Mark Phillips - MK Ultra & The CIA - Vatican Mind Control

    don't believe everything about mark and cathy... don't bite hook line and sinker...
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    Re: Video posters....come on down!

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    Re: How did you find Project Avalon?

    I had been reading David Ickes Books and watching his videos with friends at this time also...
    in 2010 I found the Bob Dean interviews and then kept watching the camelot videos...
    I realized that...
  16. Re: John Cantlie -- The latest ISIS propaganda video...

    Give it no energy... this does not mean ignore...
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    Re: Pleiadian soul

    so are you saying your soul is pleiadian and you have an earthly body, or that you are an actual physical, born off earth Pleiadian?

    If humans are the result of genetic breeding with off-worlders,...
  18. Re: Alex Jones Says He's Seen the Really Uncut Foley Video

    more then one way to peel an orange....

    some don't like oranges, but they may like bananas...

    i like both, and pistachios too, "you can't eat just one pistachio"
  19. Re: got the results back from the rain sample I collected in June

    found this to be interesting, though not in the water, but to the subject of aluminum ...
  20. Re: got the results back from the rain sample I collected in June

    thanks for telling me the obvious about barium not being from aluminum... I need to brush up on my research, badly...

    all i can find is that barium...
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