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  1. Re: My feeling about the M.I.B. event (video)
  2. Re: 3D Printed Shoes: A Step in the Right Direction

    How much would the materials cost. and of course the program as-well.
  3. Re: Planning an experiment with interested members & viewers

    Oh I know your not...
    lol I get what your saying..
  4. Re: Planning an experiment with interested members & viewers

    We have been doing individual disclosure for a long time, only no-one has been recognizing it. I my self have been doing it since 2010 you yourself have been doing since lord knows when your self.
  5. Re: EV-D68 Illness: Fruit Of MMR + Polio + Flu Vaccines

    The above article says so much, it's not even funny.
  6. Re: Mary Rodwell Bases Conference Lecture 2014

    She says she is honored to be called Mary Roswell
  7. Re: Buddhist monk to 'spontaneously combust'

    He is of sound mind he has a right to die the way he deems fit.
    We should be blessed in knowing this
  8. Re: Armor Made of Bones Found in Bronze Age Grave

    thats freaky
  9. Re: Yahoo slideshow on 911 shows interesting pic

    Ya I see it too
  10. Re: Galactic X-ray, Solar X-flare and Consciousness X-factor, how are we being affected?

    I was so emotionally unstable for the past 2 days, it took all i had to keep from going insane, but i am taking it as an emotional clearing as i really needed it anyway. so I guess i just try to...
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    Re: How do you best use MMS?

    Best way to use it, it's personal preference, IMHO. what ever makes YOU feel good when using it, I have been using it for 7 yrs now, I personally prefer it with none acidic juice. or in a smoothie....
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    Re: Post Float Tank Thoughts

    An error has occurred, please try again later.
  13. Re: Why I think the Non-Duality Stuff is a Psy Op

    I have to agree with the both of you, (Omni,Hogs)
    I mean, where do we think religion came from, some came from misdirected interpretation of the gods (little g)
    And most still believe, and yet the...
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    Re: My Friend needs prayers now!

    Peace/love/harmony/ healing
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    Re: The Pale Blue Dot: Carl Sagan

    Yes it's Carl Sagan.
    Sorry but it's true. :cool:
  16. Re: Interview with a Female Milab and Project Avalon Member by Eve Lorgen

    He claims he was a projectionist and he was also in something called the Demolets, it was kept coveted,(the book) no one was aloud to read it, let alone a female.
    He was also booted out one year...
  17. Re: Interview with a Female Milab and Project Avalon Member by Eve Lorgen

    all I remember is seeing one in Florida ages ago, in the middle of the night out side the house i lived in, don't know how i got there, don't know anything before or after that, but wound up...
  18. Re: Interview with a Female Milab and Project Avalon Member by Eve Lorgen

    I have only one question at this point.
    Is the triangle Craft really a MILAB craft?
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    Re: Branded a racist at 7 years old.

    Any one can be insulted by anything these days with the way the laws are written and any one can claim racism at any given time or any ism for that matter.
  20. Re: Artist Gets Cancer of Pineal Gland. His paintings Will Leave You Speechless.

    I see connections beyond connections.
    Was it really cancer he had, or something else they truly did not understand.
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