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  1. Re: For or Against accepting refugees from Syria??

    More Divide and conquer tactics. Get the people to be at odds with each other...even on the littlest things like sports and games. Make them learn to like and indulge in constant debates, have them...
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    Re: Strange V formation in clouds

    Thanks for sharing, you may find these a bit more inspiring.

    Oh, Is there a link or something you can provide us with that supports the claim of "many people" seeing...
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    Re: Has Stonehenge been found on Mars?

    Timing is key....when it comes to inception.

    Just carefully observe all the news and the many subjects that you can not confirm its validity with rationale or actual experience.

    This is how...
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    Re: How To Destroy a 9/11 Truther... ;)

    Sorry to say…but I’m not going to pay any more attention to this. I’ve been following the 9/11 stuff sense that day and all I’ve gotten from it is a sense of grief. I believe it was planned but I...
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    Just more propaganda programing through the media.. Obvious fear mongering in hopes of creating more division and instability within communities. Isn't it amazing how the media can get such...
  6. Re: California legislators now trying to pass a companion bill to force adults to be vaccinated


    If a kid is vaccinated…why is there concern for other kids (or adults) to be vaccinated too? If the “vaccine” is meant to prevent disease inside “Said” individual…then shouldn’t that...
  7. Re: What will happen in the second half of 2015? Is it necessary to make safety preparations for rest of the year?

    The information age has many people thinking there is something new under the sun. Crime is evident here and there, corruption is evident here and there, and unfortunate happenings are evident here...
  8. Re: The Caring Human is in Danger of Extinction

    I wonder how many people actually care. I mean… care to the point of actually changing up their lifestyles. Many of us harm the planet on a daily bases…even before leaving the house early in the...
  9. Re: Ghost rider in the sky: Scientists use lasers to project movie onto clouds // Agenda 21

    Tupac, Eazy E, and Micheal Jackson are still doing concerts...but as holograms.. Youtube had videos of this for years now.

  10. Re: Ghost rider in the sky: Scientists use lasers to project movie onto clouds // Agenda 21

    It's to enhanced their Alien sightings!!

    This is dated technology being released as something new and experimental, nothing really ground breaking. As a kid we used to play with toy flashlight...
  11. Re: It's no wonder evil people still rule the world

    Life is a test, where you recognize the good from the bad by having experiences with both. Evil and Righteousness exists simply because people allow them to exist. Anything is possible; everything...
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    Re: Needles from Space

    When I look at places like the "Grand Canyon" I'm reminded that this world went through some drastic changes... and that many...
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    Re: The Reincarnation Trap

    The dead tells no tales. So, the living imagines tales to tell.

    Without having the experience of the afterlife, how does one truly knows what the afterlife really is?

    I find that many people...
  14. Re: Genuine Sighting...UFO ....filmed near erupting Calbuco vilcano Chile....23 / 4 /2015

    Do know these orbs can be placed in videos with simple animation software.

    The "REAL triangle spaceship thingy" video was debunked already...and judging from the video comments...many didn't get...
  15. Re: Genuine Sighting...UFO ....filmed near erupting Calbuco vilcano Chile....23 / 4 /2015

    I hear you, but imo...its just too inconclusive. I've been following the "orb phenomenon" for years and still haven't found anything that will help me form a rationale opinion of them. All the...
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    Re: Baltimore

    Designed? Perhaps… But what else do you do when nothing else works?

    You’re witnessing people who are demonstrating their rising feelings towards injustices and inequality. I don’t necessarily...
  17. Re: Genuine Sighting...UFO ....filmed near erupting Calbuco vilcano Chile....23 / 4 /2015

    Footage is not clear enough to make out the image. SO, If I had to take a wild guess... it's most likely a drone, they have become so popular over the last few years. In such an instance as this,...
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    Re: What it take people to wake up?

    The youth will always be the hope; they are the real “answer holders” to the future. Many adults are too set in their ways; their minds were already pre-conditioned to accept life as it is. Many of...
  19. Re: This is what happens when you die, according to a bunch of different people who died

    The heart pumps blood, the lungs breathe air, the kidneys release toxins, the stomach/ large intestines digest food while the small intestines readies to purge wastes. Among other phenomenal things...
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    Re: INTERSTELLAR : Christopher Nolan Film

    It’s another entertaining film, but be careful choosing what to believe when viewing the silver screen. Movies are meant to be entertaining and inspiring… often there’s a lot of science themes and...
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