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  1. The King of Hawai'i Continues the Fight against the Cabal

    Hello Everyone

    HM Edmund K. Silva Jr. continues the fight against the Cabal in the form of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA).

    Today, I bring to you the King's latest letter. It is amazing...
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    Neil Keenan Update: The Kingdom of Hawai'i

    This is a wonderful Report, and a great follow up for those who were interested in my first post about the Kingdom of Hawai'i.
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    Re: The Kingdom of Hawai'i = One Day Soon!

    Although the Letter itself is the most important reason to read this thread, here is a video worth watching - you will see this man's heart for his people and his nation.

    (The King's Speech starts...
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    Re: The Kingdom of Hawai'i = One Day Soon!

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    [/COLOR] Hi there. Don't know what you mean, Cidersomerset. I was hoping people would look at this as part of the spiritual cleansing that is taking place on our planet rather...
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    The Kingdom of Hawai'i - One Day - Reality!


    Hello Everyone,

    I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. Today I bring some very surprising news:

    There is something quite extraordinary that is happening in Hawai’i right now – today -...
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    Re: One Week With Lakota, Film by RT

    I am a fan of Russell Means. He had some great insights. It did not appear that he had any residual anger toward the "white man", but showed us through his videos (especially his last few) that...
  7. Re: Breaking News-Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano

    Great Radio Show from Clyde Lewis (Ground Zero) about the Pope:

    'The Omen To Nations' w/ William H. Kennedy -...
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    The Crown Agents Sisters

    *** Warning - What Follows is NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT ***

    This is very curious. I have not seen this angle covered before. Here is what piqued my interest (...
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    Do you remember last year when Bill Ryan suggested that one of our threads was extremely important and we shouldn't miss it? It was about child torture and such. I have forgotten which thread.
  10. Re: Pete Santilli Outs Gordon Duff of Veterans Today with Recorded Call

    Hi Stan
    Here is what I understand from this interview about Veteran's Today ... It is a forum (I think this would be a good word or maybe platform is better) that many spies/former spies/people in...
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    Re: Interesting facts Lincoln and Kennedy

    Maybe Kennedy was an incarnation :)
  12. Re: Up Close Interviews of Leaders of South American Nations with Oliver Stone

    Well here is a recent interview with Oliver Stone --- talking about his new mini-series which is on Showtime -- "The Untold US History". Since it's on Showtime, I don't have access to it. The...
  13. Re: Bill and Kerry's Pilot - Shadow Operations - The Mars Project on Tru TV 11/7 11pm

    Watch your influence EXPLODE Kerry & Bill. I just can't get over the timing of the release. What you managed to pack into 45 minutes ---- bankster owned monetary system, shadow government, ETs,...
  14. Re: Bill and Kerry's Pilot - Shadow Operations - The Mars Project on Tru TV 11/7 11pm

    It definitely seems like there's somebody with a wand that makes things to suddenly appear out from under the wood pile...

    "Daniel"'s publications suddenly poped up;
    Kerry's summary for the...
  15. Re: Russell Means' passage to the Great Spirit 22 October 2012

    Not long ago he cut his braids ... I watched his last (or one of his last) videos ---- xNUm3wOAHq4

    I feel that somehow the full circle is going to come back through the Lakota tribe. I know James...
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    Re: Hawaii Breaks Away from the Union?

    I lived in Hawaii and have already made contact with those who are behind this movement. The tragedy and the deceit that was thrust upon the Hawaiian people to take away their kingdom, and...
  17. Re: Massive Bank and High Profile Resignations Across the World

    This is a great summary about Banksters at the 11:00 minute mark from MAX KEISER:

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    Re: Webcast with Lyndon LaRouche 8 pm EST

    Your right --- I didn't give much info. He is talking at this moment to rally people about present events -- Obama, Oligarchy, demise of Europe, Thermonuclear war, and much much more. His solution...
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    Webcast with Lyndon LaRouche 8 pm EST

    I believe this can be very significant for your edification:
  20. Re: I'm going to lose 130 lbs starting today, Sept 1st -- wish me luck.

    That sounds so delightful with all the walking! Good luck!
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