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    I’m aware that many wonder why we keep bothering with Corey Goode and Co. Why waste time when we could be doing something else.

    Nefarious people, organizations, social movements, etc, are...
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    UNIRock’s next SPIN, ooops, “logical analysis” for accusing Chanter...
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    Re: The Hoaxes of Deborah Tavares

    Really great to see you getting some visual aid coverage Snoop - will certainly help those that find it difficult to read lengthy data. :happythumbsup:
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    There isn’t a law enforcement officer out there that is gonna feel one shred of sympathy for Corey Goode whining about being stalked and losing money; especially after they do a brief check on him...
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    Corey’s latest attempt to get public support by suckering in UNIRock fizzled.

    He's now trying to sway public opinion with sympathy...
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    This was supposed to be UNIRock presenting evidence for his case that Chanter and others doxxed Joe from the Carolina's in rebuttal to Chanter's claim,...
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    I'd put my money on UNIRock helping put that vid together with Corey. UNIRock did tell Chanter in the debate video that all will be coming out...
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    77% CHANTER
    12% UNIROCK
    11% UNSURE
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    A few notes on the Chanter/UNIRock Debate from post above:

    @3:05:00 is a good place to kick in. Prior to this they basically go over the screenshots again and again which has all been covered in...
  10. REALiTY CHeCK with Jay Weidner and Yvonne Palermo aka Groovie Bean

    Jay Weidner and Yvonne Palermo aka. Groovie Bean are putting out some good vids for those interested in browsing some of their topics on REALiTY CHeCK YouTube Channel.

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    THE GREAT DEBATE between C.W. Chanter and UNIRock (with 2 moderators) over who doxxed who. I haven't listened so can't offer points but it starts @34:00.

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    Re: Cosmic Disclosure TV Series ....

    Hi DeeMetrios

    The following thread would be a good place to start so you can form your opinions based on a trove of evidence gathered and stored in multiple threads on Avalon. Post #2 in the...
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    Re: 'The Family' - on Netflix

    Not yet. Thanks for the nod. Reviews are interesting. Will watch over next few weeks. Will be interesting to see if it has "Impact Potential" for mainstreamers.
  14. Re: What percentage of internet content originates with the CIA/INTELLIGENCE?

    It’s changing alright. “They” can’t put the genie back in the bottle but fear of the unknown power of the internet has been ratcheting up a few notches. It has taken a generation to come to terms...
  15. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    Well that didn’t take long. Hope someone has the resources to check that it isn’t a wax model in the morgue and if so, track his rescue movements to see what country and plastic surgeon he visits.
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    Important Point!

    Jay Weidner would have a lot to share with James Gilliland about how Corey is a master manipulator that does significant research daily, (going by his Avalon history and...
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    @7.00 Gilliland asks Corey about controlled opposition, gov't shills, etc controlling the narrative. Corey kicks off with the Dark Alliancec aka Co-Conspirators and Chanter.

    Corey says he has a...
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    LMAO We now have a legal term for the DARK ALLIANCE being the CO-CONSPIRATORS.

    All names revealed too. Wow, pretty scary bunch of people this mob are that are impeding Corey and his powerful...
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    The first few minutes Chanter talks about a cease and desist letter he received requesting him to stop defamatory comments, etc on Corey Goode. He then gives his reasons for reading it online.
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    It’s like deja vu - the interviewer being a Teresa Yanaros 2.0.
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