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  1. Re: Dr Steven Greer: Reptilians and Greys aren't real

    Before I join this forum, I used to believe in aliens. But that belief was destroyed with all the failed predictions, hoax videos, unconfirmed testimonies, inconclusive/conflicting reports coming...
  2. Re: Mind Control Posing as Higher Self Interaction - New Age Religion

    Hi, Perhaps it’s best to become your own movement and take control of the situation.
    You/we all have that power to do so. Maybe I'll elaborate on this later when I'm not as busy... but for now I’ll...
  3. Re: Mind Control Targets are Not "Slaves" More Often Than Not

    "Growing tired of your negative posts about me. The neuroscience quotes were not opinions, but based on observational fact. You obviously choose to ignore them, they are fact. This discussion is...
  4. Re: Mind Control Targets are Not "Slaves" More Often Than Not

    Hey omni, I'm back!! but a little disappointed, you had a whole day to respond ...I was expecting more from you, not this much redundancy. If this is all we can bring out of each other...perhaps we...
  5. Re: Mind Control Targets are Not "Slaves" More Often Than Not

    “Where did I claim technology is being suppressed? I don't remember that.”
    (Well, let me rephrase that for you “there is always a campaign to discredit that individual” meaning suppression.)

  6. Re: So the Police need Tanks for Traffic stops ?

    This is what happens to nations when they a governed by fear.

  7. Re: What do you most fear losing through alien contact?

    I don’t fear anything, especially something that fears being seen by me. Aliens? Ha, when one finally reveals itself then that is when I can form any sought of feelings towards it. At the moment,...
  8. Re: Mind Control Targets are Not "Slaves" More Often Than Not

    Hi, omni, Pardon the delayed response, I wasn't aware that you responded and I'm very busy these days.... I'll be around here today for the next few hours.

    You claim there is technology being...
  9. Re: Mind Control Targets are Not "Slaves" More Often Than Not

    If you believe it then eventually it will be real to you, its just that simple. Omni, We had this same discussion years ago and I have yet to see any of these claims in my or anyone else's reality. I...
  10. Re: Mind Control Targets are Not "Slaves" More Often Than Not

    There's nothing to be really concern about....if you truly know yourself.

    Mind control might work on people that have yet to make that bond with their higher self…or know who they are and their...
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    Re: Purpose of dreams?

    Hi, and yes, Earth-link...

    Falling asleep when studying also has its benefits, I’ve solved many conflicting problems after that quick nap on a pile of books. When the mind is at work on a...
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    Re: Purpose of dreams?

    I don’t remember when was the last time I had a dream…it has been many many years ago. I meditate several times daily throughout the day…especially before I go to sleep. This is one way I’ve learned...
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    Re: What it take people to wake up?

    If you truly care… persistence will be your aid, as your love will win the day.

    People are divided, cleverly culled into social groups while being trained to be afraid of the unseen and the...
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    Re: Question about visualization


    The only obstacles are the ones you create for yourself. If you’re identifying your obstacles as oppression by others…well, why do you allow them to hinder your will power? Fear holds people...
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    Re: The Origins of Easter...

    Jesus had his birthday taken by Satan Claws, a talking snow man, and a reindeer with a small red light bulb for a nose. people go chop down some poor pine tree, throw all kinds of things on it...then...
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    Re: Time is NOT an Illusion

    Time is simply the measurement of movement, nothing more nothing less.

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    Re: No Ascension...

    It was always about consciousness. Unfortunately, this has been purposely mixed in with false ideologies.. such as aliens. So many whistle blowers and suppose contactees have used this dated...
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    Re: Know your Constitutional Rights

    ...and keep a camera ready when approached by the oppressors.

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    Re: Whereof the 'orange' aliens?

    Let’s see…
    over the recent years I’ve read about shadow people, tall whites, grays, green lizards, blue avians, red Salarians, and now …orange aliens.
    I haven’t spotted any of them, yet. Are we...
  20. Re: Obama on Aliens: is he telling the truth, or joking?

    hahahaha. Jokes mixed in with subtle propaganda tricks. Just get some figure heads to do some coy patronizing....and people will submit on various levels.
    Smh, glad I stop watching t.v. a long time...
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