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  1. Re: A Message from Michael Tellinger about Donald Trump

    although I'm not a die-hard Trump fan (I have my reservations) it could be that the Trump administration (he's not alone in this) is giving enough rope to certain factions to hang themselves with...
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    Re: Watergate, the Truth, Finally

    another good source of this topic is to read Mae Brussels' book "The Essential Mae Brussell" (forget author- book deeply embedded in my book shelves)- she has been quoted by Joseph Farrell- Watergate...
  3. was George Floyd's death faked?

    Hi all,

    oooh, Lordy, our world continues to become more complicated by the minute-

    I initially didn't want to post this until the imp of the perverse bit me and stated: "Larry, get over your...
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    Re: Magic of Trees

    if one is truly interested in this topic please do read German forrester Peter Wohlleben's book "The Secret History of Trees" (translated into English from German)- it's a truly fascinating book...
  5. Re: Trump Terminates Relationship with World Health Organization (WHO)

    if anyone is not informed of the facts:

    the President of Tanzania (a biologist) has thrown the Who out of his country because:

    he sent examples each from a goat, a papaya and a quail to the Who...
  6. Re: The murder of George Floyd in police hands, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020

    @Bill Ryan

    since when is Mel Fabregas a flat-earther?- please inform-

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    Re: Ouija Stories

    I used a Ouija board only once: it was during my undergraduate school yrs.; was doing it with a co-student who claimed to have clairvoyant powers (don't know if she really had them but she looked the...
  8. Re: Gregory Joseph Hallett, the real "king" of England. Explosive Stuff!

    I read about this yrs. ago- who needs a British monarch or a monarch of any kind?

    all monarchs are slave-drivers-

    "it is only when the last monarch is strangled by the entrails of the last...
  9. Re: "The UFO Leak of the Century": The Admiral Thomas Wilson/Eric Davis document

    the posted video is no longer available according to my pc here in Germany-

  10. Re: Germany's constitution void? Protests for human dignity misrepresented as anti-lockdown?


    thanks for the posting-

    if one has read the works of Dr. Joseph Farrell according to international protocols when a country blamed for starting a war capitulates and signs a surrender...
  11. Re: Germany's constitution void? Protests for human dignity misrepresented as anti-lockdown?

    supposedly Jürgen Möllemann (minister of education?) was "murdered" in the '90s (his parachute conveniently didn't open when skydiving) because he was trying to make public that the German...
  12. Globalist-TV: Ole Dammegard's most important video ever

    Hi all,

    I just felt compelled to post this-

    we need to get the word out-

    video starts out a bit boring but increases with intensity as Dammegard speaks-

    if one is not yet ware of the...
  13. Richard Hoagland interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell

    I hope the link works-

    of course it has to do with Covid but much else is discussed-

    at the beginning Hoagland needs to shut his trap and let Farrell discuss things;
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    Re: Are we all slaves?

    George Carlin and Bill Hicks will go down in history (if mankind survives the near future) as sages-

    anyone who is subject to taxation is owned- mankind needs to wrap its head around this concept-...
  15. Re: Sitting in tears, is Germany the first to show openly the face of the future dictatorship?

    @no questions

    many thanks for starting this thread-

    so far here in the Freiburg area we haven't witnessed something like this...yet;

    when will the police realize they are being used as pawns...
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    Re: Covid19: Cui Bono? Is there an agenda?

    oooh, God, there are soo many doctors out there who are aware that vaccines (because of all of their contents) are warning against vaccines but my GP is totally unaware of this (goes through life...
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    Re: Blocked on Facebook out of nowhere

    Dr. Joseph Farrell stated he was suspended from Twitter/Facebook for awhile because he tweeted/posted the connection between the Covid-19 (Trademark) severity and the connection to the new 5G towers-...
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    Re: David Icke on 5G and Covid-19

    Mike Adams of has defamed David Icke- what Mike Adams has obviously not researched but David Icke most probably has (he's mentioned the concept of exomosers if I recall the term...
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    Re: David Icke on 5G and Covid-19

    David Icke's last two interviews on LondonReal have been removed from YouTube- thank God someone has saved them-


    From Bill: Yes, quite a lot of this thread has been about that.
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    Re: David Icke on 5G and Covid-19

    the newest complete interview with DI on London Real a few days ago is at this time no longer available on YouTube-

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