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  1. Re: The Darkest Secrets of the Vatican: Is the 'Eye of Horus' depicting the 'Pineal Gland'..?

    WoW. What a read. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for posting it. Kind of makes me wonder what planet I'm on. So much has happened without much notice or history of it. Every so often I get this...
  2. Re: Extraterrestrial Technologies I have witnessed

    Updated the first post.
  3. Re: Extraterrestrial Technologies I have witnessed

    Updated the OP with one of my favorite experiences. :)
  4. Re: Extraterrestrial Technologies I have witnessed

    A space in their ship that is used for energy in a more archaic way than the ship is actually centrally powered. (or Just dumped somewhere fitting and ethical).

    It is using advanced mind...
  5. Extraterrestrial Technologies I have witnessed

    Going to list some of the extraterrestrial technologies I've witnessed. Not sure what will happen to me for posting this(there are very real punishments I have received in the past for my content),...
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    The Mechanics of the Soul

    This is a subject I've been interested in for a while. How do soul mechanics work? I'm assuming with a firmly made up mind there is no heaven or hell afterlife. Why would a God make a creation how...
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    Re: Meet "Chippie"...

    Great to hear.
  8. US gov launches RFID Childrens campaign "Chippie" the cartoon.......

    Makes me sick to my stomach....

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    Re: Sitting in the hospital (Brian has left us)

    Sad event :( I always liked the guy. He was a good person to chat with. RIP Brianen :(
  10. Re: The progression of technology working towards science fiction fact.

    I've experienced teleportation along with many other ET/Black project technologies. I can't talk about them anymore due to serious threats on my well being. I wish I could, I know a lot. Last time...
  11. Re: Manning given 35 years for leaks........US creates ' whistle blower '..Martyr...

    Wow manning went transgender? Crazy twist to this sad state of events.
  12. Re: The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning

    Losing hope in mankind. Wonder when things will change.
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    Re: Dolores Cannon 5D Earth is Here!

    lol this made me laugh. I agree. The bees ascended?.......
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    Re: I dont think there is reincarnation.

    To me reincarnation just makes the most sense.
  15. Re: Disney to Buy Lucasfilm For $4.05B, Plans New 'Star Wars' Films

    I'm excited about this. They said a new star wars movie every 2 years! I was thinking to myself the other night about star wars and how I'd love to see a knights of the old republic star wars movie...
  16. Re: David Icke Gives a Tour of His Home on Isle of Wight

    I've always thought David was sincere.
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    Re: GFL channel Greg Giles admits he was scammed

    They indeed have remote mind control technology. I know this first hand. This channel is definitely a mind control victim. They have had remote mind control technology for a long time. Check CIA...
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    Extraterrestrial Names

    Thought this had the potential to be a good thread. Usually ETs have good names. A couple female ET names I know are Amyura and Itasha. Of course there is Vissaes(sp) and Morenae, Andromedans Alex...
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    Re: The Big Picture, from BrightGarlick

    I know not all space faring races are benevolent. That part I don't agree with.
  20. Re: Proof that Pleiadians and the rest do not Absolutely exist!

    I see no proof they do not exist in your post pineal. I have many posts about what I have learned with ETs. Asking for proof of ETs isn't exactly the best thing to do. You'll have to settle for...
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