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    Re: The Problems with Facebook

    This is common and in just about every single app you have on your phone currently. They have the right the moment you get an app to record you, listen to you, bounce signal off you, shut you off ...
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    Re: The Emperor Has No Clothes

    The military is supposed to be held to a higher standard so taking drugs and being found out is a no-no, this is why they can use it to make simple people be all afraid of nothing in particular. It...
  3. Thread: Communication

    by Theresa

    Re: Communication

    I do not mean the next sentence offensively, this is my personal mantra when I am going into something unfamiliar. "Keep it simple stupid." Sometimes we over think, well I do for sure, what is...
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    Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    It is only subliminal if your not aware of it. It is only offensive if you are looking for offensive things. I can not give our current society that kind of credit of manipulative thinking. Anything...
  5. Re: The Eleven Twenty-Five (11:25) Phenomenon and Major Natural Disaster Dates

    Watch out for the Cleveland volcanic system in Alaska, it is coming soon. Might want to take a look and if your not aware take a peak at the "extinct" volcanic system in Utah. There have been...
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    Re: Wes Penre's levels of learning

    Fear creates a great deal of excessive power because it can be freely manipulated. Hate, fear, ignorance, all things that can foster a great deal of things. Think of a poltergeist experience or what...
  7. Re: Everyone Has At Least One Of These 6 Psychic Abilities: Learn How To Identify And Use Them

    Valerie, I say a thousand times a day we need to create a new language for these experiences that everyone can relate to. When I talk to the spiritual it is not words, it is an instant knowing of...
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    Re: TARGET ad... offensive ?

    that is a mermaid tail by the way hehe The pink thing, yep.
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    Re: NC footage is interesting, possible blimp

    Drones come in the coolest sizes and styles. Even blimp. They have these devices you can attach to a balloon and drive it around. The image leaves to many options of way to many other things. Blue...
  10. Re: World-Wide City Population Changes by End of 2019

    What's really interesting about the above, is that is exactly when my "reality" shifted. And it got really intense on the June 2013 supermoon. My birth chart mirrors the aspects going on at that time...
  11. Re: World-Wide City Population Changes by End of 2019

    Population decrease includes people migrating away from those areas during catastrophic events I would assume? If you see a hole don't get in it, if the water rises swim out, if things catch fire...
  12. Re: Everyone Has At Least One Of These 6 Psychic Abilities: Learn How To Identify And Use Them

    Michelle, Any insights during your experience with dowsing at Panther Meadows, any epiphanies you could share? I agree completely, that the spiritual and astral have to be experienced and treated...
  13. Re: Everyone Has At Least One Of These 6 Psychic Abilities: Learn How To Identify And Use Them

    Valerie I found dowsing to be just the coolest thing. I learned how to find water through a gentleman who had spent his life relying on this process for his dinner. Super neat! I am such a geek LOL I...
  14. This is the first time I will share the complete series of events

    In 2016 I was falling head first into my own personal life changes. I was an addict and I had, had enough. I was not on illegal drugs these were pain killers of mass amount prescribed to me. This is...
  15. Re: How to get out of the endless Reincarnation cycle?

    The answer to this question is so simple and so complicated. Stop repeating history. When we learn and become enlightened to the point of understanding the cycles of manand nature and can look at it...
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    Re: How To See A Ghost For Yourself

    I find in personal practice when speaking to or visiting with my visitors they are merely trying to find the right flow again. We turned our backs by accident on this part of living and it put a big...
  17. Re: Everyone Has At Least One Of These 6 Psychic Abilities: Learn How To Identify And Use Them

    All of the above I do not see prophecy. Foresight. Precognition. What are thoughts on that. In August or September an event will occur this year that will cause a great deal of human movement across...
  18. Sticky: Re: Regression sessions offered to Avalon Members and Guests, by Will Berlinghof or Bill Ryan

    I remember everything. How do I know for sure this is right? I remember and then there was light.
  19. Re: The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons, and the world's first major smear campaign

    I will be the odd one, I know, my heart is to soft and it shows in how I think about things because I could never condemn a living thing. So keep this in mind when you read things I say. :) I do not...
  20. Re: Mark Taylor prophecy update & urgent call to action

    I agree. I would like to add .. Prayer is not just words, prayer is how we walk, we talk and we move with love and patience. Evil is many things, it is choosing to live in ignorance, condemning...
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