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    Re: Imminent Disclosure Finally?

    Sunny side up - This is the battle going on now. On the one hand it looks like this is a power a wealth grab by the cabal, but if the Whitehats / Trump can reset all currencies to 1:1 it will strip...
  2. Re: HCQ deadly for patients with ancestors from malaria countries with G6PD deficiency?

    Good article and likely true
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    Re: Imminent Disclosure Finally?

    Exomatrixtv - Yes and no !!
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    Re: Imminent Disclosure Finally?

    I doubt there is any plans for disclosure, but rather the unintended affects of a big event. Perhaps one of the consequences of this plandemic is a true financial reset which cuts off the prime...
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    Re: Look Who's Coming to the Rescue! Bill Gates...

    Gates & Zuckerberg teaming up develop vaccine. I'm so pleased that they care and have complete confidence in them because what could possibly go wrong?
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    Re: Help me decide my treatment

    THE CORONA VIRUS by Dr. Lawrence Wilson © February 2020, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.

    When you are ill your judgments will naturally become affected so this might be helpful.

    Dr Wilson has...
  7. Re: Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

    As I understand Prince Harry is not the son of Prince Charles's but more likely the son of an affair James Hewitt and Princess Diana. I suspect this move is because Prince Harry, technically, has no...
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    Re: URGENT - End Game Scenario (Video Interview)

    Very interesting comments which no doubt contain some truths. The Universe likely contains all energy signatures from the past, present and future so tapping into specific frequencies (ESP) could...
  9. Re: Materialism - as a cosmological, metaphysical world view

    The more we learn the more I realise how little we know. I agree that the traditional materialists views that permeate our lives and education have certainly held us back and trap us in a...
  10. Re: Anunnaki disclosure recent /Anunnaki Whistleblower Spills The Beans

    Whilst these clams are certainly possible the balance of probability is against it being true because we have no way of proving them - the story writers and elites know this - no evidence / forensics...
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    A Definition of Life

    Is it possible to come up with a useful, simple and practical definition that captures the meaning and purpose of life. Hopefully it will help make a little difference?

    Many definitions exists for...
  12. Thread: Cicada 3301

    by yelik

    Re: Cicada 3301

    Interesting but puzzling to me !
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    Re: Global Population is headed down, not up!

    Here come the AI Robots
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    Re: CO2 is greening the earth

    Chemtrailing to supposedly reflect sunlight to interfere with natural occurring events - why would anyone (or hybrid) want to overly reduce Co2 and accelerate cooling?
  15. Re: Brexit Founder Nigel Farage Interviews President Donald Trump - 31 Oct 2019

    Good interview from two sensible and realistic people. For me Donald Trump came over as a pretty genuine guy, but make no mistake he's a shrewd operator.

    Profitable services within the UK National...
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    Re: Wormwood is now visible

    I look at the sun in UK through a welding glass lens on clear days and have not seen anything other than the sun. If there is some planetary body creeping up on us maybe it depends on where you are...
  17. Re: Crowdsourcing a MOVIE with Kerry Cassidy & Jay Weidner

    A good idea.

    There are some excellent books and information out there that would make both a hit movie as well as exposing some of the truths. However this would be a tricky and risky business...
  18. Re: Will Seattle be the next target on November 3rd?

    Fascinating - no doubt the elites do signal their intentions through symbolisms in plain sight.

    Not long to wait to find out
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    Re: Orion ETs using Satanic Cult and Social Media

    Whilst I have not experienced anything like this it does seem very plausible to me.

    We are surrounded by endless invisible energies where it does appear various ET's, human tech or rogue AI have...
  20. Re: Video of Black Diamond - Rectangle Shaped UFO - UAP over Los Angeles

    Just thinking - is it possible this might be a foil balloon? My son has launched many large birthday balloons into the sky which look very similar from a distance
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