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    Re: Do you wear a face mask?

    As a science major, I wear a mask out of respect for others, especially my friends that are nurses and doctors. They have seen so much loss. More in 10 weeks than many medical professionals see in a...
  2. Re: A World Pushing Back Against CV19 Lockdown: The Protests, The Revolts, The Non-Compliance

    Ran across this interesting video. My question is was it altered or is this for real? lOTILnYwFkQ
  3. Re: Dr Rashid A Buttar Live - HUGE NEWS! Surgeon General Jerome Adams DROPS Gates/CDC/WHO model!!!

    You guys do see what happened in China when they reopened? A new surge. I think we should definitely proceed with caution.
  4. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Maybe the ETs are curious as how we are responding to Covid to protect humanity.
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    Re: A Very Happy Birthday Bill Ryan!

    Happy Birthday Bill Ryan. 🎊🎉🎁🎈
  6. Re: Hurricane Dorian Reaches "Catastrophic" Category 5

    We are getting behind the relief efforts here. We are hoping to send a boat over with supplies but right now there is no place to dock. One of my students father is a doctor ER and he is going...
  7. Re: Hurricane Dorian Reaches "Catastrophic" Category 5

    We have seen nothing but a little rain at this point. No movement stalled over The Bahamas. No storm surge or wind. This is the oddest Hurricane.
  8. Re: Hurricane Dorian Reaches "Catastrophic" Category 5

    Here on the Broward County/Palm Beach County Line. We are waiting for it to make a turn north but itís so slow moving havenít seen much of a change. We are now out of the cone (supposedly), but will...
  9. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    Good. Heís an awful person.
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    Re: Active Shooter Drill for Parkland

    [QUOTE=A Voice from the Mountains;1282378]Hello Mandala. I've been very interested in your posts here since one of your last threads. You mentioned being invited to Washington DC for an awards...
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    Active Shooter Drill for Parkland

    Itís been a little over a year since our MSD Parkland Florida tragedy. All kinds of finger pointing and people getting fired.

    Yesterday, my middle school which shares the MSD campus had an active...
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    Re: Some interesting writing from John Lear

    This resonates with me. Bob Dean told me at a conference that most people would be devasted when their religious world got rocked over our true origins and ďthe experiment ď we are involved in. The...
  13. Is the Moon an Intelligent Machine that Sees Everything?

    Linda Moulton Howeís interview in which she talks about her research.

  14. Re: "The Next End of the World": a CIA declassified document, 'The Adam and Eve Story'

    I wasnít sure if you guys had seen Benís friends edition of the Adam and Eve story. It provides a few more details and theories.

  15. Alien Abduction Documentary: What do they want?

    Some experiences have been taken, beginning in childhood and continuing through life. Some report a joint session of greys working with the military and have Milab experiences. An agreement was once...
  16. Thread: Jason Rice

    by Mandala

    Re: Jason Rice

    Is this the episode your speaking of?

  17. Have you heard about RIF (Reduction In Force) and the US Government Shutdown?

    I recently heard that if a US President closes down the government for more than 30 days, there is a clause that says he can reduce the workforce.

    Is that his goal? If so so, there could be over...
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    Re: Sleeping/ a real problem

    Doug, you are not alone. Last night I did clock checking. Thatís where you wake up every hour on the hour and say, omg Iíve only got 4 hours left to sleep. Then you look at the clock and say, omg...
  19. Re: Update on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, Florida

    Fingerprinting= finger pointing. Damn auto correct.
  20. Re: Update on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, Florida

    Hi Bill. So sorry for the lengthy delay. David did attend school in California and then the family moved to Parkland Florida. I know the daughter and mom well but I have had no interaction with...
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