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    Re: Chase Kloetzke on UFOs

    Maybe they are us from the future because they sure aren’t very organized at getting their point across!
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    We can become naïve to the truth often times when our egos want something so badly to be true.

    I would hope David does take a moment to read through some of his criticisms, which are mostly fair...
  3. Re: Losing Contact in the Desert: The 2017 Fake-Over of American Ufology

    A very important read, for sure!

    It also subtly, and at times, not so subtly, illustrates what Bill has referred to as “UFO Disease,” or something to that accord.

    Observing some of these...
  4. Thread: The Zone

    by James

    Re: The Zone

    The zone and flow states are fascinating. I believe the root of all secrets, or the foundation of all conspiracies, comes from the fact that we as humans are unimaginably more powerful than we can...
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    Re: The Great Quotes thread

    “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

    -Rabindranath Tagore
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    Re: ISIS warns of terror strikes in U.S.

    Hi ramus -

    I edited the title of your thread from 'Kill them all, slit their throats, watch them die' to what it currently is to make it more searchable for members, as well as more...
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    Re: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

    Interesting thread, especially regarding the carnivore diet.

    There's been a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the carnivore diet for the effective management of a wide array autoimmune issues....
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    This is a really interesting conversation (for the most part!)


    I personally do not think of Richard's choice to have a members-only area as censorship, in the way we use the word...
  9. Re: 650,000 People Are Planning to Storm Area 51 to Jailbreak the Aliens Inside

    This reminds me of the poor 100th Street Bridge - anyone reading this from West Michigan has to remember that bit of excitement from last summer.

    The 100th Street Bridge was a highway overpass...
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    Re: Pete Peterson Has Died

    For better or for worse, the Pete Peterson interview by Bill, Kerry, and David is what landed me here initially several years back - trying to find that darned electret device that feels oh-so-well...
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    Re: TRUMP on ALIENS - TONIGHT 5 Jul 2019 !!

    Me too. I'll admit, I was so looking forward to catching the stream of this most the day - my equivalent to waiting to watch the football game on TV!

    As a positive, he at least answered the...
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    Re: TRUMP on ALIENS - TONIGHT 5 Jul 2019 !!

    Yeah, nothing quite like the anonymous poster said would happen - as of yet?
  13. Re: You can say the universe is intelligent design, but if it were an intelligence it would be an insane mind....

    It might not be the result of intelligent design, but I think there is intelligence in its design - the process more-so than the product at any given point.
  14. Re: Jon Stewart Slams Congress Over Lack of Benefits for 911 Responders

    Ba-ba-Ra and Star Tsar, be careful with your praise for Stewart!

    Yes he is showing warranted outrage for Congress's incomprehensible foot-dragging on the issue of health care reparations for 9/11...
  15. Re: Aliens Among Us...A Thread for Personal Experiences

    Very interesting, Valerie - I hadn’t read your post on this thread until a few minutes ago, and I was surprised by the similarities to the couple I saw.

    I really try to keep rational and skeptical...
  16. Re: Aliens Among Us...A Thread for Personal Experiences

    I’ve seen a good few strange looking folks at grocery stores and shopping malls, but I think it’s due to Mother Nature’s taste for keeping things from getting too symmetrical!

    There was a very...
  17. Re: Gigantic golden asteroid could make everyone on Earth a billionaire

    It could make everyone on earth a Billionaire, or, a few companies on earth Duodecillionaires.

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    Re: Why are you still researching UFOs?

    Because the UFO/UAP phenomenon is the greatest dichotomy of our time.

    We see reasonable evidence over the centuries of incredibly advanced beings from somewhere, somewhen, with the technology to...
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    Joseph P. Farrell - Microcosm & Medium

    The legendary Dr. Jospeh P. Farrell hit another home run during his recent interview with Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast.


    I found this to be a wild one hour ride...
  20. Thread: 33 Gematria

    by James

    Re: 33 Gematria

    The sum of three cubes.

    The number of deities in the old Vedic religion.

    The amount of vertebrae in the human spine.

    The number of times “Elohim” appears in the story of creation in the Old...
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