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  1. Re: Pennsylvania Man Pays Property Taxes in One Dollar Bills

    I'd like to say it was because the tax clerk didn't like having to unravel the tightly wrapped bills to count them all, but, unfortunately, it was because his "innovative" way of delivering the money...
  2. Pennsylvania Man Pays Property Taxes in One Dollar Bills

    Interesting video of a Pennsylvania man who went to the tax office to pay his school taxes in one dollar bills to protest being forced to support an institution he doesn't believe in or use just so...
  3. Hubris Beyond Imagination - Bibi's Speech to Congress

    Ok boys and girls, get a load of what Preston James proposed today (2015-03-03) in his Veterans Today article titled "Hubris Beyond Imagination - Bibi's Speech to Congress."

    Here is an excerpt...
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    Re: David Wilcock "The Proof"

    Excellent assessment buares.

    I'm sorry, I missed that the assessment was actually "waves" assessment that you included in your post. I had not seen it before and realized it was "waves" when I...
  5. Re: After Being Dead For Almost An Hour, Priest Says God Is A Woman (errr... sorry folks... it's a hoax)

    I always knew there was a good reason why I liked women. ;)
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    Re: Reverse Engineering Technology Roswell 1947

    I've done no real ressearch into Mr. Shulman or his claims, but a few things struck me as odd right off the bat from the first two paragraphs of this article.
    If he worked in 1978 and 1975 (and...
  7. Re: BOUGHT, the movie, online for free starting Friday 20 Feb

    Excellent documentary. Thank you mpennery. I've posted it on my Facebook page requesting all family and friends to watch it before it is removed on March 6th.
  8. Re: The end the Fed movement is a major, long term, well financed psyop.

    So instead of us being enslaved and controlled by governments, we'd be enslaved and controlled by those who own/control the "free markets." This doesn't seem like any improvement to me and is...
  9. Re: The end the Fed movement is a major, long term, well financed psyop.

    I agree. As long as we have a system that enables a few to manipulate, control, corrupt, and/or steal the exchange mechanism used for goods and services, we will forever be enslaved and there will...
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    Re: Are you unhappier now since your "awakening"?

    Great post and questions awakeningmom! I’ll do my best to provide my honest opinions (as of this moment in time) to your questions. (Caveat: Opinions expressed are subject to change based on new...
  11. Re: NYT columnist David Carr drops dead just hours after interviewing Edward Snowden

    Both of your links are broken. I found this link that works (for the moment).
    David Carr's Final Interview with Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden
  12. Re: Samsung Warns Users Not to Discuss Personal Info in Front of TV

    Just today (February 10, 2015) in the US, the NBC Today Show and CBS Morning News shows both reported that Samsung's Smart TVs can capture audio and video information and that it will be transmitted...
  13. Re: First Trailer Of Roswell ET Slides Documentary (and Jaime Maussan to present the 'smoking gun' in May)

    Let us hope that the "smoking gun" evidence doesn't mysteriously disappear, along with our good friend Jaime Maussan, before May 5th 2015. I've never really understood why those who claim to have...
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    Re: Canada might kick out its banksters

    And that is precisely why we should never allow a one world government to form. History has shown us time and again that governments are incapable of not becoming corrupted and drunk with power and...
  15. Re: BBC Doubts raised over authenticity of Charlie Hebdo footage.

    Damn, I missed that. Should've known better that the MSM, British or not, wouldn't suggest such a thing. :ohwell:
  16. Re: Incredible Meteorite Found With Hieroglyphics in 1908 - Canada

    It appears this is now the second meteorite found with hieroglyphic writing (Stone Engraved with Hieroglyphics Falls from the Sky in 1865).
  17. Re: Dire Warnings From Past U.S. Presidents and Other High-Profile Leaders

    I agree and there are many more speeches and statements made by "those in the know" that could be added. I think I will use this and similar information that I have collected over the years and...
  18. Re: Charlie Hebdo shooting: eleven dead at Paris offices of satirical magazine

    I agree and it didn't take them long to take down all of the original video footage. I saw it (and wish that I had downloaded it before they scrubbed it) and there was no blood splatter, no body...
  19. Re: More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money

    In a new system how do we, how can we ever get round this fundamental fault in the Human species?

    psychopaths, big money, or not, actions like this are quite unforgivable, but then it's their...
  20. Re: More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money

    Anita Moorjani's "Dying to be Me" book is excellent and I hightly recommend it as well. Very inspiring.
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