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  1. Re: ARCTURIAN LIGHTSHIPS ( genuine ET ship footage ) - Nightvision Gen3 NVG

    Hi Callista,how do we know they are arcturian and not part of the secret space fleet? great footage though.
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    Re: Meet the World. Flags and facts connected

    short,and not very sweet but very sobering.thanks for posting uzn.
  3. Re: How can this happen? Court Takes Child From Mother After She Mentions Chemtrails At School

    vin diesel has been drawing attention to chemtrails lately,so its only a matter of time before he`s arrested surely!!!!
  4. Re: Is this hideous creature found dead in a European mountain range the legendary blood-drinking Chupacabra?

    i was thinking the same as becky,ie, if it more muscle and on it and fur it would look a lot more unreal and scary,,,yeah more like a dog.
  5. Re: Strange entities witnessed after taking prescribed meds

    Hi sigma ,i spoke to my friend only last night about documenting his experiences and being with him when he takes the pills, i will keep everyone informed if anything comes of it, cheers mate.
  6. Re: Strange entities witnessed after taking prescribed meds

    Thanks ljwheat,(and everyone else who has commented) as my friend cant stop taking his meds, has anyone got any advice how he should proceed with these "people" ie should he try communication or is...
  7. Re: Strange entities witnessed after taking prescribed meds

    yes Becky i was thinking along those lines too,apparently people who take LSD also see strange and often scary things,maybe certain drugs do open up the receptors in our senses so that they work as...
  8. Strange entities witnessed after taking prescribed meds

    I am seeking help or information for a friend of mine who has been seeing strange people/ friend is awaiting an operation on his shoulder and is in a great deal of pain and so to help him...
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    Hello cider,was i the only person watching this film who jumped on his chair and punched the air cheering? lol. when this guy has something to say he sure knows how to get his point across.
  10. Thread: ET's vs EDE's

    by Ecnal61

    Re: ET's vs EDE's

    Hi Ruby,you say that you think that the greys are extra dimensional but do you mean ALL greys? from what i understand there are different species of grey or greys..could you clarify that point for me...
  11. Re: The 'Skinny Bob' footage compared to the recent Roswell slide reveal - authentic KGB leak or?

    Hi GalaxyHorse, skinny bob is my fave alien footage,it just seems so real and really intrigues me,thanks for posting it.
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    Hi cider,i seem to remember listening to,i think,John Lear a few years ago who said something along the lines that Nasa had used alien derived shielding to get apollo 11 through the van allen...
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    Re: Aldebaran, Anyone Care to Elaborate?

    we often hear the phrase" hidden in plain sight"..the picture of the pope with what looks to me like his reptilian master behind him is so blindingly obvious that its almost a joke if it were not so...
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    Re: SW Avalon meet up 2015

    yes becky i would like to catch up too x
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    A lovely film..thank you.
  16. Re: 40 Detectives Are Looking Into Claim That Conservative MP Killed A Boy At A Child Sex Party

    The problem with this enquiry starts at the top,I.E,Theresa may.she is the home secretary and as such is kept fully informed by a raft of advisers,she would have known full well the connections...
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    Re: Ignorance is strength Corbett Report

    A funny composite of what we have known for a long time,but at the same time, sadly depressing.:(:(
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    blimey cider the last time i saw blood being taken without permission it was done by some bloke called count dracula!! seriously though it seems like just another loss of a personel liberty that the...
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    Re: UFO over Melbourne.

    it reminded me of the dance floor in saturday night fever,maybe it was an E.T party!!
  20. Re: Spiritual Evolution and Veganism: a New Argument

    THANK YOU,samwisethebrave,what a lovely well worded and articulate argument that you have posted here,i really liked the points you have made about spiritual growth. i am not a vegan but i have just...
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