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  1. Re: Here is how the Greeks are handling the financial crisis :)

    I love it!!!!
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    Re: What Is Your Purpose?

    I guess I've always felt that I have a purpose in this life. It's just that from time to time it seems to be changing, or maybe it's just that I've been wrong the times when I have "felt" what that...
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    Re: Lets change the play, with an Image a day

    (SORRY CAME A BIT LATE TO THE PARTY!!) Here's my contribution to the 5 images first..:


  4. Thread: September 27

    by Morgaine

    Re: September 27

    Well, it's nearly the end of the 27th here in New Zealand already. No sign of anything as yet? Does the date relate to a certain timezone, or is it just a ball park time?
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    Re: NWO in New Zealand..!

    Really? I've always agreed with most of our Green Party policies, and let's face it, in NZ at the moment there ain't much to choose from..!
    Thanks, hehe

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    Re: NWO in New Zealand..!

    No worries!! (I didn't vote for John Key anyway!!! I voted Green!!!) :p
  7. New food bill in new zealand takes away human right to grow food!!!

    I just came across this this morning, it is very disturbing. Especially considering so little has been said about it, and it has already passed the first reading in Parliament!!
    Fellow Kiwis, we...
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    Re: Your Questions for Aliens

    I just want to say I read some of your blog about your struggle with cancer, and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for sharing so candidly with us. It is always humbling and...
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    Re: David Icke Newsletter - Sunday, 25th of September, 2011

    This is very interesting to read of David's physical reactions to the energy at the moment. I myself have had to lay down and rest in the afternoons for the last week, which is highly unusual for me....
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    Black Project Insider shares knowledge about UFO's, Moon Bases and Hollow Earth

    I found these two videos to be very interesting. Make of them what you will, but without a doubt they are compelling.
    They are supposed to be from a guy who used to work for the government in...
  11. Re: I am a cult member according to CharlieI am mentally ill according to Charlie Vei

    My God the guy loves the sound of his own voice! And what's with the Sean Connery accent? Pah!
    I read his Bio on his webpage and as soon as I read that his Dad worked in the Oil industry I thought,...
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    Re: Is My Mission Over?

    Ernie, what a touching and incredibly painful story you have shared with us. Thank you for being so brave as to do so. The simple facts are, you cannot save another person unless they give you...
  13. Re: BARAKA... an amazing and thought-provoking tour de force

    Thank you for posting! I love this film...the Balinese Monkey Chant is one of my favourite scenes ever..simply amazing.
    This film is so beautiful and so clever.
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    Re: The Shape of Sound

    Wow! That was amazing! Have you seen some of these videos on Youtube? They're called "Cymatic Experiments" and can literally transfix you for ages....hehe...
    Check this amazing! (might pay...
  15. Re: Just for laughs, This will cheer you up friends!

    Hehe....The French are still elegant even when they fight!

    So funny......thanks!
  16. Re: INCREDIBLE link between Close Encounters, & REAL LIFE co-ordinates of Denver Airp

    Just out of interest...I found this after looking through a few other people's links to the same information. Now I will say beforehand, that I do not know if this is a reputable and trustworthy...
  17. Re: INCREDIBLE link between Close Encounters, & REAL LIFE co-ordinates of Denver Airp

    Hi Terra,
    Yes I just read Bills earlier post about the EU times. I had no idea, thank you. There are several other sites all talking about Obama being in Denver on that day however, so I decided to...
  18. Re: Our parents and our childhood, how have they influenced the person you are today?

    Ketturah, thank you so much for sharing your story. All I can say to you is it is clear that you must be an incredibly strong and wise soul. No one has the perfect childhood I know, but some have...
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    Re: BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

    I can't believe the world has never heard about this. What brave outstanding heroes..ordinary people. This film really touched me,to see such a convergence of bravery and courage all the the name of...
  20. Re: INCREDIBLE link between Close Encounters, & REAL LIFE co-ordinates of Denver Airp

    This is one of the well known, and much discussed features of the Denver Airport. There is a site you can look at that breaks down each of the particular points of interest about it too, (I think it...
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