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    Very true! I guess it's human nature, at least to some extend (and minus any programming), to be selfish and more often than not self-centered, ergo issues that do not directly affect us personally...
  2. Thread: RIP Ingo Swann

    by Suddoth

    Re: RIP Ingo Swann

    For some years now it had been one of my deepest wishes to one day be given the chance to meet with Ingo Swann, and if it were only for the briefest of moments, and share a conversation. I have never...
  3. Re: Just in from Duncan, for those who follow his work. "2013 ... A New Year, or a Nightmare 1 "

    Hey all, Duncan's asked me to post part II of his new year's message on his behalf, please check here:...
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    Here's part two of Duncan O'Finioan's new year's message which he's asked me to post on his behalf:

    2013 -- A New Year? Or a Nightmare? … Part 2

    Well, I did say I would write the second part...
  5. Re: Cops turn Violent, NYPD drag girl across the street. #OccupyWallStreet

    Oh my god...this is shocking, I live in NYC and I cant believe what I just saw!!! But as sad as it is THIS is only the beginning, mark my words there's A LOT more to come...
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