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    Re: Why Walmarts Are Closing World Wide

    Those elites want the rural areas, that hold water wells, streams and untapped farm land from horse farms, and some greedy politician will put a corporate pubpet on state board staff and sink the...
  2. Re: Stunning Human-Like Figure Forms In Volcanic Ash Cloud - Chile

    Is it me or does it look like a skull on a pole in front of the figure.
  3. Re: Respublica of Earth Articles of Confederation are now ratified.

    Is that a drop of blood that seals this document, based upon our DNA sequence/signature. No other beings have this evolved blood of humanity's system, therefore, is a drop of human blood on this...
  4. Re: I am looking for Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and other Asian members

    Me too bsbray. I would love to learn the Credo Mutuwa's story of civilization also. Seems if people came together and shared the knowledge comparing, then we'd be able to figure out by more than...
  5. Re: Project Camelot: The Real Author Of The Matrix- Sophia Stewart

    I have no sympathy for Warner Brothers, they are the illuminati that turn actor's broke and the reason for the actor's guild. Booyah on the creativr idea crooks! It's another reason that I openly...
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    Bravo for lymph gland replacement. Bravo for bone cement. Using science for the benefit of humanity is wonderful. Soon there will be bone regeneration for missing limbs or bio-printer bone...
  7. Re: Idea for water collection technology / business

    Have you thought of combined tech for back-up self sustaining filtration, usiing aquarium pumps cotton balls charcoal recycle system? I'm about to do a watermelon field with a dozen or so wcb's/water...
  8. Re: Andy Pero, survivor of a Secret Mind-Control program 'PROJECT SUPERMAN'

    I suspected super soldier experimentation when I read about the LSD studies for mind control. Now they are building robots that recognize emotions, that will kill without cause, but as programmed,...
  9. Re: Andy Pero, survivor of a Secret Mind-Control program 'PROJECT SUPERMAN'

    Thank you Jackovesk. The description of the meeting table, dark except for the chair light and front screen, are the picture I've illustrated in my book when RFK and an Angelic tall being with bright...
  10. Re: My edible classroom gives deprived New York kids a reason to attend school

    Let the people say Amen for common sense. When shtf, there won't be rioting. I'd like to start one in our at risk areas. Imagine training the unskilled returning non-violent cannibis felons how to...
  11. Re: Project Camelot/Simon Parkes - Report On The Global Playing Field

    Not if the poles switch and turn this puppy sideways where Africa is below equator and US is above it. That means the east coast will be where Gulf coast is and CA up by the poles, or...vice versa. ...
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    Re: US oil is losing to altenative energy

    And you know this man. Ahh the progress of common sense is beautiful. I'm lovin' it!!!
  13. Re: Ischemic stroke in young adults, requesting recovery and treatment advice

    When the body strokes, it's in need of rest. It's too soon until normal faculties begin to come back online with the body like a computer. First the checking of the systems when the body is rested...
  14. Re: 19 Apr 2015 - Ceres' Bright Spots Come Back Into View

    Are they running on light power like solar? Seems that as soon as the light breaks, all systems go on. Just observing.
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    Re: 13,000 Year Old Swimming Reindeer

    Looks like the front one id crocodile.. kinda. Were they indicating they swam together? Perhaps migrating during the shift? Just saying it looks like two different species.
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    Re: Government/Bankers War on Cash

    NWO mark of the beast, is electronic pay cards w/your voluntary signature. Spend cash to keep that freedom open. Reason, people purchase and receive and then cancell payment also. I've seen some...
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    Re: Government/Bankers War on Cash

    "We must do
    what we can,
    while we can,
    where we can."

    KJAvalonian (SOTW)
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    Re: Government/Bankers War on Cash

    Take it out in increments until all is in your possession, then bury or hide it for when you need it.
  19. Re: Kerry Cassidy interview on the Richie Allen Show ....17 / 4 / 2015

    Sound interesting if it's that we've gotten stuck in a loop that keeps us here as slaves due to "not knowing" the game. But many around the world have recognized that the elites are no...
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    Re: The 'Illuminati' cough?

    Do the professional singers know they are deeply breathing in this carcinogen, that will cause cancer of the larynx? Seems they should be made aware of the risk, this is like working with asbestos. ...
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