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  1. Re: Significant Chinese Initiative for Disclosure

    Five Continents International Forum is attempting to bring the UFO issue to the United Nations. The next Chinese meeting will be held in Heze mid-2020. This meeting will have the all the...
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    I believe we create fear upon ourselves based on a wide range external and environmental influences, with the perception that this is out of our control.

    Most people are disempowered due to these...
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    I have been involved occasionally in humanitarian work on a private basis, in particularly, in dangerous war torn areas of the world.

    Before I was going off on my mission, I had dinner with my...
  4. Re: Why is China on the move in the South Pacific?

    If China make an agreement with Bougaineville, they won’t be able to start again the Panguna mine.
    Biggest open cast mine at the time in the southern hemisphere.

    They can use the island as a...
  5. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    I would partly agree with Assad. It may surprise you why he is announcing the Epstein case with a major war on his hands. He knows like Putin the following major operations worldwide are affecting...
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    Re: Please send healing, prayers

    I can concur with Cognitive Dissident, I have been using the Peralandra tools for the past 25 years with astonishing success.

    You can use the Peralandra tools to heal not only your physical...
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    Re: Wormwood is now visible

    The video claims to show an object in the sky that resembles a Sun like object. However I believe it is an offset lens reflection of the Sun itself. There is nothing else in the sky. The effect is...
  8. Re: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind - The CE-5 Protocols

    Star Tzar ref:

    I can answer your two questions with the following:

    1. It is irresponsible to use these protocols because they are weak in there foundation.

    2. there is the possibility of...
  9. Re: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind - The CE-5 Protocols

    During the early 1990s I was aware that the UFO literature demonstrated that there were specific case studies that showed common feature in potential communications. The common feature been using...
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    Re: Very Few People Can Actually Think

    I remember attending a 10 week workshop called 'Lessons on Non Thinking' back in 1994.
    The workshop had a book to accompany the workshop. I had initiated to have this workshop because a friend of...
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    Re: Where is Hy-Brasil?

    The matrix that I compiled got messed up in the previous post. I hope you can differentiate from the text what it means.

    From Bill: if you have it as a document, send it (or a screenshot)...
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    Re: Where is Hy-Brasil?

    Hi Bill,

    I was lucky to meet two persons in 2017 that had been fishing in 2012. They were sailing a Galway Hooker sailing boat off the west coast of Galway, Ireland. In 2012, during an...
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    Where is Hy-Brasil?

    A search for Hy Brasil can be found on many old maps from Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, English, Italian, French and Dutch cartographers. Three maps show the super imposition of Hy Brasil on the...
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    Re: What are you reading ?

    Children from the Sky by Duncan Lunan

    This is the only book I have found that goes into great depths about the "Green Children" of the 12th century.
    This is a book that looks at the "Green...
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    Re: What are you reading ?


    The Mount Shasta Mission, 2005 by...
  16. Horsley and Caddy lead to David Eisenhower's mission

    Ref: Valiant Thor: the human-ET "Stranger at the Pentagon"

    This is...
  17. Re: Incredible UFO Contact & Extra-dimensional Footage Revealed by James Gilliland

    Visiting the ECETI ranch:

    I was visiting a friend on the Washington/Oregon border at the time. I was also on my way to a SETI conference in San Jose, Calif. Because I was nearby geographically, I...
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    Re: Little People

    I have read two books that provide an insightful depth into the ‘Little People’.

    Elementals are real and I believe that they assist the planet in very beneficial ways. These beings exist on a...
  19. Re: Anyone heard of Billy Meier's prophecies for 2020 and beyond?

    A friend of mine who lived with Billy Meier during the late 1970s said that he faked some photos from models he made in order to reduce his public attention and therefore to deter the intelligence...
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    Re: Voices from the Cosmos

    Thanks Kotch and welcome to the Avalon forum.

    Although I haven’t read the book, my main concerns are the following:

    1. Interviewers belief system. Interviewer has only had telepathy as a...
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