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    Re: What are they up to in Antarctica?

    Donny Gillson Official 32º of Insanity YOUTUBE there is some crazy stuff going down there for sure. Rumours are of Ancient civilizations in the...
  2. Re: Keshe Foundation gives free energy and other technology to ALL countries.

    Im reasonably sure the Keshe technology was the one to bring down that fancy US drone in one piece. cheers, love you all
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    Re: Have you thought about your food today?

    Food Matters: "...Monsanto isn't evil, their just stupid..." That's a Dan Winter Quote, he is not in the movie Food Matters, but he is a really amazing...
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    Re: Zero Point Energy Information Collection

    The holy science is astrotheology, Sirius B's magnetic field tosses us around like a toy. The suppression of science has come to an end. The point is the free sharing has to be the prime...
  5. Thread: Free Energy

    by Semnyi

    Re: Free Energy


    I like Jason Verbelli's youtube channel for all it's free energy solution videos and discussion, and suppressed technology .

    Dan winter is...
  6. Re: FULL MOVIE - 2012 The Online Movie FINAL UPDATE
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    Re: The Best Meditation

    Hi. I can refer you to anything concerning the Shambhala Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

    What is Meditation?
    Juddi Khrishna Murti with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Druk Sakyong...
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    Re: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Will Step Down Here is the evidence show giffords to be a fraud. yup, deal with don't hate the player. knowmsayin if you...
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    Re: The Truth Exposed by

    So you know Ed Chiarini?

    That might explain why some 8 of your 33 posts so far, on a variety of threads,
    since shortly after you joined us a month ago, mention and/or
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    Re: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Will Step Down

    I wish the Project Avalon would step to the pale and deal with dallasgoldbug. I am getting fed up.

    I am...
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    Re: The Truth Exposed by

    Back up your assertions. We deserve better, Project Avalon your credibility is getting spat on here. Get on it!

    "...The conclusion of several of us here is that DallasGoldBug aka Ed Chiarini's...
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    Are you aware? Inelia Benz? I would very humbly request an explanation!

    Hello to all Avalon members.
    Have you been to the website
    I want to talk about DallasGoldBug aka Ed Chiarini. Not his real name but who cares. I know lots...
  13. Re: 1 million ecats for home use will be produced 2012, 500$ each, 20$ refill costs

    Here is the "other" safe nuclear alternative, needed development would cost an estimated 1 billion dollars. despite the obsticals, the result of fusing thorium is cost effective and many hundreds of...
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    Re: Troubles with meditating... I think.

    Hi Jason.
    I have received meditation training at the first Buddhist Monestary founded in north america by Dorje Dradul Chogyam Trungpa
    Rinpoche which is about three hours drive from where I...
  15. Re: Project Looking Glass & the 2 Timelines merging as 'ONE' in 2012

    What is to be done is twofold, to begin a new path towards full transformation of our life, the second fold of this process is to do this in such a way that we are not falling into the patterns of...
  16. Re: How to detox from chemtrails poisoning and infiltration of nanotechnology

    Hi My fav. doctor is now Dr. Deagle have you heard of him? is his blog with lots of good information, good luck
  17. Re: Obama Has Signed the NDAA on 12/31/2011 - He can detain, torture & kill Americans

    Looking at Len Horowitz ( oxysilver is the best water I could imagine) and Ed Chiarini (media exposure 101) There is one dewd who...
  18. Re: Obama Has Signed the NDAA on 12/31/2011 - He can detain, torture & kill Americans

    I think it is all connected through the mass media. Dallasgoldbug I support Ed. I bet this all ties in based upon big media connections...
  19. Re: The ongoing global financial war is reaching its final stages

    Hi all,

    I have been following this story for a while, I first heard of David Wilcox when I listened to him interview Benjamin a few months ago. The point that you have to recognize is the...
  20. Re: Is enlightenment the only way / the limits to information?

    Hi S-L,

    You have a good topic here thanks for reaching out. I suggest you take a look at the two truths. Absolute, and relative.
    Be careful when taking philosophy literally, it is often metaphor...
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