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  1. Re: 19 Nov 2015 - Footpads and Footprints: Humans and Machine Meet on the Moon

    and over 40 years later you didn't go back? pfft
  2. Re: Art Bell w/ Dr. Steven Greer on Midnight in the Desert, 14.10.2105

    the truth is a bitter pill to swallow for some - and Bill is SPOT ON. wake up - Greer is just a con man.
  3. Re: Art Bell w/ Dr. Steven Greer on Midnight in the Desert, 14.10.2105

    Greer : I am the man I know it all . My uncle built Apollo1. I know stuff. I showed you a real (fake) ET. I charge (heavily) by the second. I am the man. Look a light in the sky - it must be Et, I...
  4. Re: Art Bell w/ Dr. Steven Greer on Midnight in the Desert, 14.10.2105

    No offense but I stopped Greer (ego money) information years ago - I mean the guy is working for the Clintons/Rockerfellas - what does that tell you?
  5. Re: Look what I just found on UFO Moon Rising video!

    I remember the "oh my god" moment when I saw my 1st anomaly on zee moon and it terrified me! lol.

    Now I'm STILL waiting for the truth to be told - makes you wonder how the pioneers back in the...
  6. Re: Alex Collier LIVE Webinar - Friday August 14th, 2015!

    Hey James, Thanks for setting this up. good stuff.

    Where can we ask questions if we cannot view Alex live (4am Australia time) ? Also how does it work - once you pay what happens?
    One of...
  7. Re: Aliens on the Moon - The Truth Exposed


    my personal fave
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    Re: A Strange Woman Walking On Mars?

    that's pretty trippy what would the size of the woman be?
  9. Re: No Alien base on the other side. I am disappointed.

    the whole thing is a base.
  10. Re: What happened to Kerry Cassidy on 24-25 April, 2015

    Love to Kerry. Thank you for all your work, and it is the people like you that have helped people like me understand a whole lot of what we were never to know.
  11. Re: Mozilla Firefox kills Adobe Flash by default

    Anyone give a layman reason why they are doing this? eg. how does it pose a security risk?
  12. Re: May 11th 2015: David Icke on the Alex Jones Show

    Brilliant interview. These 2 united is a huge thing.
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    Re: Is dolores cannons work for real?

    It's not the run of the mill hypnosis - it's in her own words different.

    When the client goes under (with an induction only practitioners are to use) - the client connects with what Dolores...
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    Re: Is dolores cannons work for real?

    Did level 1 in 2012 with Dolores - awesome stuff. Have done around 40 regressions with many past lives from inatimate objects to ET themselves - all unique and special sessions. Had one preformed on...
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    Re: Knowing

    There is a ton of diversions going on from what in my opinion is needed - ET open contact globally (without all the false flag ET invasion scenarios). Basically universal/cosmic truth for Earth.
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    Re: Knowing

    OK i guess all is not lost - was a bit cynical yesterday too. I will say even today some older guy looked like a vet introduced himself and straight into Roswell ETs and so on - that was quite...
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    Re: the inner self

    Wow that's strange - without looking at this thread I pretty much posted the same thing. I got a feeling that didn't happen by chance. I agree we should all "know" by now. Figuring it out - it's the...
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    I'm confused. I'm frustrated. You should be too. Why?

    Stagnation is what I have learned can keep you stuck in a paradigm forever, without the change, the benefits of change and what I believe to...
  19. Re: Prepare For The Exact Full Moon On May 4th - Embrace The Intensity

    I'm just wondering if people like myself see the moon as an artificial satellite (an ET base/s at that)?

    I wonder about all the mysticism - and no doubt there is a lot - ancient even. However...
  20. Re: 1 Million Subscribers TheAlexJonesChannel 1st May 2015 Tribute Video!

    The Texan bullhorn is hammering all main stream news (well it isn't really news) and they are pissed.

    Kind of example of the hammering continues with we are change - this is a classic:
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