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    Re: The Area 51 'Alien Interview' video

    Well, that is stellar work then! His message is still valid though.
  2. Re: EU President speaks of "leaders from other planets who are worried" in EU Congress


    I wouldn't dismiss this explanation completely. However, to me, his level of french, by the way he speaks and articulates, is strong enough to be able to clearly know the difference....
  3. Re: EU President speaks of "leaders from other planets who are worried" in EU Congress

    No, it's not really possible. He clearly says it with intent. He didn't try to rectify, he didn't mumble or hesitate. (for the record, I'm french Canadian)
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    Re: Canada Election 2015

    I fear that Harper will be re-elected. A disgrace in my opinion.

    But truth is, there's no strong enough leader against him. So people will go for leadership over good values and good sense.
  5. Re: Starseeds - Signs One was an Extraterrestrial Previous to Earthly Incarnations

    Well, apart the fact that I don't think I'm being targeted by anyone, that rings pretty much all the bells for me!
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    Re: Mrs Dolores Cannon has left Earth!

    Sad day indeed. I really enjoyed her work. Rest in peace Dolores.
  7. Re: Michael Schumacher's med. thief has 'committed suicide'

    I admit that I also find this pretty odd. But he may only have thought the media would pay a lot of money for more information on Schumacher's health condition, since the family have been very...
  8. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    This plan was already known in the mid 90's and was extensively described in the book "Le livre jaune #5" (Yellow book #5), written by 3 insiders. It is quite disturbing how much things corroborate...
  9. Re: Security Issue: Is Project Avalon targetted by Firewalls?

    This is indeed a simple and harmless security certificate issue. It is out of date for some reason, the web admin will have to update it or something.. Your browser is warning you that is not a...
  10. Re: Are you a non-posting Avalonian who reads in silence?

    Yes! :cool:
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    Re: Donald Marshall, Human cloning and Vrill

    Disturbing read to say the least...
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    Re: M 6.1 north pacific ocean

    According to the report, It happened 2000km from the closest island in the middle of nowhere... I don't think there's much of a news here :p
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    Re: I am a Wanderer from Andromeda, any others?

    It's comforting to know that there are many others out there feeling that this world is odd, albeit awesome at the same time. I don't know If I've just been here for so much time that I feel...
  14. Re: Free Personality Test and MBTI/Myers-Briggs Type Descriptions

    Your personality type: INFP.

    Strength of individual traits: I - 26%, N - 24%, F - 12%, P - 28%.

    I found the description pretty accurate :) Fun test! thanks for sharing Paula
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    Re: Montreal Students Defy Anti-Protest Law

    I'm so glad to find a thread on this here on avalon! :cool:

    I walk the streets of Montreal and come across large groups of people protesting peacefully with they pots and pans, making noise, for...
  16. Re: Invisible Children : A new video and a way to change the world.

    Oh no it's nothing like that, in fact the link worked earlier but it seems that they have trouble with the site, I suspect a too big affluence. go directly to the website
  17. Re: Invisible Children : A new video and a way to change the world.

    Sorry I fixed the link, it should work now :)

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Oh I didn't know... Thanks for the info. I just thought it was worth sharing. In fact IMO it's even worth a duplicate post :P
  18. Invisible Children: KONY 2012 - a plea to stop the demented Joseph Kony in 2012


    I wanted to share with you this new short film (24min) from the good people at Invisible children.

    I think this is something huge for the world...
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    Re: Increbible photo capture of Tornado in USA!!

    Above is a link to the actual article on the Chili volcano eruption where this picture comes from.

    It may...
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    Re: Spectacular UFO photographed over Milan

    Spectacular indeed! Looks genuine. Thanks for sharing :cool:
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