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  1. Stop Apophis feat. Bertie The Wise (Lyric Video)


    A song about the predicted collision with the asteroid Apophis in the coming decades. Follow the links listed in the video description to research Apophis and the possible new formula...
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    ALLiTiZ - iNFLUENCE (a song about A.I)

    Here's the music video for one of my singles titled 'Influence'. Rapidly advancing technology is constantly approaching us! People are embracing the idea of A.I. living with us and even sharing their...
  3. ALLiTiZ on the TruthSeekah Podcast (UFO Disclosure And The Alien Agenda)

    I was recently a guest on the TruthSeekah Podcast to discuss UFO Disclosure, Aliens, music and much more. TruthSeekah and I just did a song together that touches on all these topics titled 'We're Not...
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    Re: Tom DeLonge: Friend or Foe?

    I feel like this video belongs here. Truthstream Media does a great job of explaining who really runs the Disclosure Movement.
  5. Re: Youtube strikes, bans and censorship, with links to backup and alternative sites

    Greg Carlwood the host of 'The Higherside Chats' a show I follow on Youtube just recently had an old episode pulled that deals with Sandy Hook. Attached below is the picture of what YouTube sent him....
  6. Re: Youtube strikes, bans and censorship, with links to backup and alternative sites

    At the same time they seem to be letting the Flat Earth videos run wild. Crow777 got his YouTube page pulled and he actually got it back same with Vinny Eastwood I believe and a few others.
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    TruthSeekah x ALLiTiZ 'We're Not Alone'

    Today I'm excited to bring you a remix of my song 'We're Not Alone' featuring Truthseekah. I just recently discovered Truthseekah, who was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy. Not only does he make music...
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    Re: 'We're Not Alone' (Lyric Music Video)

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to check this out. I'll be releasing a remix with the artist Truthseekah a music artist Kerry Cassady just recently had on here show.
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    'We're Not Alone' (Lyric Music Video)

    A few weeks ago I posted a song titled 'We're Not Alone". Here's a music video with lyrics because it is pretty fast flowing. This song is inspired by the research I've done over the years, mostly...
  10. Re: ALLiTiZ - We're Not Alone (conspiracy research song)

    Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to listen to this song. If you have not yet, please take a moment to listen. I really think the lyrics will speak to many of you. Not many artists...
  11. Re: ALLiTiZ - We're Not Alone (conspiracy research song)
  12. ALLiTiZ - We're Not Alone (conspiracy research song)

    Hello Friends,

    Today I’m proud to bring you a single titled “We're Not Alone” off my upcoming project, i Wonder. This 4-track EP will cover a range of different conspiracy topics this forum loves...
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    Re: John Lear needs your help!

    Done. Thank you John and thank you Kerry!
  14. Re: Tom DeLonge and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?

    I'm reading Tom DeLonge's new book right now "Sekret Machines" This could be the script for "disclosure". I'm keeping my eyes on this whole situation and watching the stage closely. Discernment...
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    Re: A WARRIOR'S CREED, read by Bill Ryan

    I love the ending...
    "I have no ENEMY.............I make UNAWARENESS my enemy"

    Very nice Bill!
  16. Re: Project Camelot 24th August 2016 | Jordan Maxwell - The State Of The Planet

    That was fun Star! I wish I could of stayed on live for awhile longer, thanks for the post.
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    Re: The Billy Meier case: what's the truth?

    Billy Meier is like a real life super hero. What I'd like to say is this... read the contact notes, watch the videos, hear the story. It's the most incredible story I've ever heard. Even if Mr. Meier...
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    Re: Golden Gatherings With A Lust to Share

    I just ordered Book 3! Sands Of Time Book 1 and 2 were excellent. They read like the "DaVinci Code" and cover all our favorite topics and is supposed to be true!
  19. Re: The Cosmic Predators - a Question for Avalonians

    Carlos Castaneda "The Teachings of Don Juan"
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    Re: PRINCE has died

    This is a old video with a changed title to get views and quick attention.
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